The auto transport process typically involves loading your vehicle onto a fully closed trailer and securing it within. This method provides protection from elements like rain and road debris as well as prying eyes; plus it speeds up transit time by accommodating fewer cars at once on one trailer.

To ensure your vehicle is well-protected, find an enclosed transport company with experience. Consider safety and reliability records, fixed in quotes, and solid insurance coverage as factors in selecting an enclosed transport provider.

After that, consider the benefits and costs associated with extra security and peace of mind vs. cost. To make sure the experience goes as smoothly as possible, choose a reliable company offering flexible payment plans, clear cancellation policies and contracts to review.

Also when considering enclosed vehicle transport for your car, it is crucial that you inquire about insurance coverage and policy details. Make sure the company you select offers comprehensive vehicle coverage during transit that matches its value and also suits your own car’s needs.

Keep in mind that some closed transport companies utilize chains on the top of their trailers to secure vehicles during loading and unloading, which could end up damaging classic or exotic models. Check with Roadrunner enclosed auto transport company to see what they’re process is, as you may find it agrees with what you had in mind. Be sure to ask them whether their trailers utilize such chains before signing on with them for their services.


Enclosed auto transport provides superior protection for your vehicle during its transit. Your car is transported in a trailer that’s fully closed to shield it from dirt, debris, weather conditions and road hazards that could potentially cause damage – making this mode of transport perfect for exotic cars, vintage cars and luxury vehicles that have higher value.

Enclosed auto transport not only protects your car from the elements, but it can also shield it from theft. As no one can see inside the trailer where your car is kept hidden away from view, thieves have a much harder time getting it stolen. Enclosed carriers feature hydraulic lift gates to lower cars onto and off of their trailers more safely.

Enclosed auto transport provides added protection, yet can increase costs overall. But for many car owners, the extra expense can be well worth the peace of mind it affords them. Before transporting your vehicle, read this article: and ensure all items that could become lost or stolen during transport have been removed such as GPS devices, expensive electronics, jewelry and important documents.


Enclosed auto transport provides vehicle owners with greater peace of mind during stressful moves by virtually guaranteeing that their car will reach its destination undamaged. It’s an especially soothing comforting factor.

Enclosed auto shipping protects your car from rain, dust and road debris by placing it inside a sealed trailer – well worth its additional cost when shipping exotic, high-end, and classic or luxury cars. You’ll want to talk to your auto insurance provider as they may have recommendations.

When selecting an enclosed car shipping company, ensure they offer a comprehensive selection of services and have experience transporting expensive vehicles. They should possess a valid shipping license. You should receive full explanation and assistance throughout the entire process from them and can check their reviews online as well.

Before the truck arrives to pick up your vehicle, make sure it is cleaned from inside and out and any personal belongings removed, any alarms disabled and current condition documented with photos for future reference. Afterward, have the driver perform an inspection and note any existing damage on the bill of lading; once delivered you should also perform a final inspection – which you can learn about by clicking here – to make sure your car arrived in exactly its same state as when picked up.


Transporting an enclosed auto can be challenging to assess; however, its value may be worthwhile for high-end or classic cars that need long distance or severe weather transportation.

Enclosed shipping provides another benefit. It helps prevent damage caused by road debris during transit, something which is both heartbreaking and costly to repair. Enclosed transport can make purchasing or selling vehicles much simpler; rather than meeting at an unfamiliar location to take possession, enclosing shipping delivers directly to your doorstep making the transaction quicker for both buyer and seller alike.

Many enclosed trailers feature hydraulic lift gates to make vehicle loading and unloading much safer for exotic or low-clearance vehicles, as it minimizes risk during loading/unloading processes. This feature can significantly lower risks associated with loading/unloading operations.

Though enclosed transport costs can depend on variables like destination, seasonality and the provider chosen, they tend to be more costly than open carrier options. Therefore, it’s advisable to request quotes from multiple companies before selecting one for your car shipping needs; compare quotes before committing. It is also wise to confirm license and insurance requirements of your prospective provider prior to making a decision.

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