Using Lubricants

As seen on different explicit audio-visual content available in pornographic sites, those that can be found when you type “free porn for women”, when a woman is sexually aroused, her vagina automatically produces extra lubricant. The purpose of using lubricants for the vagina is to reduce friction in that area during intercourse – it increases comfort during sex, and minimizes the feeling of discomfort or soreness.

But when the vagina fails to produce lubrication, it is then now said that the person is suffering from “vaginal dryness,” which has become a common sexual issue among women these days, as also seen on some of these free porn for women videos. But with the invention of artificial lube, vaginal dryness is significantly minimized, at least throughout the intercourse process.

Lubricants come in different types, textures, and materials, but the common ones are silicone, oil, and water-based. There may be more, because medical science is running much research to discover better ways to lubricate the vagina. In this piece, we will be discussing the advantages of using lubricants, types, and how it fits different occasions. winona

How Using Lubricants Benefit Women

  1. Improves Sexual Pleasure

Mind you, using lubricants mustn’t be the last resort; it must not be used only when the individual suffers from dryness down there. Sometimes, you can still add up the lubrication to boost things up a bit. We’d recommend an Oil-based lubricant if there is no serious case of vagina dryness. Some Oil-based lubricants include mineral oils, Baby oil, hand creams, or petroleum jellies. You can use it at any time as it comes in different types: warm or cool, and it depends on your mood then.

  1. It Temporarily Eliminates Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is common these days; some of its effects are mostly shown on some of these educational free porn for women videos. Many factors contribute to this issue, some known ones are the individual hormone levels, the medication you are into, menopause, the structure of your menstrual cycle, and the woman’s stress level. In this case, an Oil-based lubricant is recommended if the dryness is extreme. But mind you, these oil lubricants can the latex of a condom, as in, it can cause a condom to break during intercourse. 

  1. Recommended for Anal Sex

Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce lubricants during sex, and this is where lubrication comes in. Just like in most free porn for women videos, lubes are applied during sex or even when engaging in foreplay to relax the effect of fiction. It is also applied to most sex toys to enhance their performance.

  1. It Ensures Safer Sex

Since applying lubricants reduces friction, thus, reduces the risk of getting injured during sex. The type of lube you use reduces the chances of the preservative getting broken (but it all depends on the lubricant in use). If you are having sex with a condom using some Oil-based lubricants like baby oil, etc, we will advise you to substitute it with either Silicone or Water-based lubricants. Note, that oil lubricant is safer when not used with condoms. And you know, when a condom suddenly breaks during sex, the likelihood of getting an STD or HIV will be high.

Types of Sexual Lubricants

a. Vaginal lubricants

This is the commonest type of lubricant, and can often be seen in most of the free porn for women videos out there. This is where you find lubricants like Oil lubricants, e.g. mineral oils, Baby oils, kitchen oil, and petroleum jelly.

b. Vaginal Moisturiser

This type of lubricant is recommended for people who suffer from an extreme case of vaginal dryness. This type of lubricant has been there for a long time, but there has not been a scientific explanation of its benefit to the vagina. The only known type of vaginal Moisturiser is coconut oil. Currently, more research is being carried out in this area to ascertain more benefits surrounding it.

c. Estrogen Cream

This is another known lubricant recommended for people who suffer from extreme dryness. You don’t often see this on most free porn for women videos, but it is very effective. This cream simply replaces lost estrogen, or any menopausal-related issues that can cause low estrogen in the vagina (atrophic vaginitis). But mind you, creams like this are meant to be reduced in dosage as time goes on.

Finally, while using these moisturizers and lubricants, you should pay attention to the direction on the pack or the one given to you by your doctor. Again, do not follow every action you see on most of this free porn for women videos: they are not always reliable Estrogen Tablet. .