Annual Mileage for Insurance

As much as we like car insurance, it’s still a huge pain in the neck. It does save up a lot of money in case we have an accident, however, we do pay a lot to receive those services. Depending on the car you own, the insurance costs can add up to significant numbers. Not to mention that those numbers increase if you drive too much annually. That’s why it’s important to be proactive and know beforehand what’s the best annual mileage for insurance. Once you travel those extra miles, it will be too late to change anything. Let me introduce one of the mileage-related tools, namely a mileage blocker from Keep on reading to find out what it does and how it is connected to insurance issues.

Can a mileage blocker change the existing mileage?

The mileage blocker from doesn’t change the existing mileage. What I mean is that it can’t rewind or reset the odometer. It’s a tool that stops recording the miles once activated. Rolling back the odometer is the task for another device, such as the mileage programmer. It can reverse the miles i.e. reduce the numbers on the trip meter.

However, odometer correction tools are extremely unethical. Since they roll back the mileage, they are often considered to be fraudulent. People use them to reduce mileage and lie to their customers or reduce insurance costs. Either way, they are using deception to earn/save up some money.

Can a mileage stopper reduce insurance costs?

Before we answer this question, it’s important to know what’s the connection between the mileage and insurance costs. To put it simply, high annual mileage equals more chance of accidents. Therefore, insurance companies will essentially make your premium more expensive. The most optimal annual mileage is probably somewhere under 5000 miles if you want to get the best rates for insurance.

Some people use the mileage stopper to stop recording the mileage and hinder it from increasing after it hits certain numbers. Since it offers the undetectable operation, they might use it to reduce insurance costs. However, this tool isn’t meant for that. It’s suitable for testing the performance of your vehicle, which makes it more ethical. It’s not advisable to use it for deception.   

Is it legal to use the odometer blocker to maintain the best annual mileage for insurance?

As mentioned, deception can’t be legal and, consequently, using the odometer blocker to maintain the best annual mileage isn’t exactly the right thing to do.

The odometer blocker from was designed for testing the performance of your car. It’s a great tool that you can use to check the functionalities of your vehicle. But this doesn’t mean that you should employ it unethically.

What’s the purpose of the kilometer stopper then?

The main purpose of the kilometer stopper from is to test the performance of your car. If you’re not sure that every piece works perfectly, you can use this tool to check what’s going on. You should employ it for this reason if you want to remain ethical.


Though it’s hard to determine the perfect mileage for insurance, we can still say that it’s a safer choice to remain under 5000 miles. That way, you’ll avoid additional charges. You shouldn’t use a mileage blocker to avoid insurance costs, as it’s only meant for testing purposes. After all, being ethical and proactive is the key to being an honest car-owner.