Best Coliving spaces

Coliving translates to quality housing at a reasonable price. You get to live anywhere in the world where Coliving works and meet very interesting people. Let’s see the best coliving spaces in the world.

Thanks to Coliving, there is no need to sign long-term unfavorable contracts with real estate agents who will rent you just about any property for which they will receive a commission. 

Coliving has, of course, taken hold in major cities in the United States, where it has continued to expand. The great opportunities that major urban cities in the United States offer to people attract people from different countries and continents. Everyone wants to take a chance and enjoy life in a big city where there are many opportunities.

But it’s not just the US. Coliving has spread to other continents, where it is constantly evolving. The curve flies upwards and growth has accelerated even further due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Investors around the world began to notice an increase in Coliving startups and began to invest millions of dollars in them. Thanks to this, companies have been created that offer really beautiful Coliving spaces, where, in addition to meeting great people, you will live well and will not miss out on anything.

If you need or want to move to another continent that would require living in Bali, Germany, Italy or Spain for several months, for example, you can do it as fast as you never thought was possible. Thanks to Coliving companies.

That’s the reason why you must check out these coliving options in The Capital of the World. Not all Coliving companies are of good quality, and today, there are so many of them that you need to try them first. 

Thanks to a survey of individuals who have lived with Coliving for several years, we have prepared a list of the best Coliving places in the capitals in various parts of the planet.


Who doesn’t know Bali? It is one of the cheaper countries, but it is really beautiful there. If you like beautiful weather and can work from the comfort of your home, then Bali is one of the best places to live in for a while. 

Not only because of the affordability, but also because there is Coliving called Outpost, located in Ubud. It offers everything you need for not only work, but also for fun and relaxation. 

Here you will find air-conditioned rooms and truly beautiful accommodation with luxury furniture. It is not out of place to meet various celebrities and various well-known Youtubers here, as some of them have made their headquarters here.

Just for information sake, in this place you will find many quality restaurants and quality sports facilities where you can get out physically. After all, it’s not always about work.


In this article, we spoke of investors who invest millions of dollars in various Coliving companies. One of the projects that all Coliving lovers are waiting for is the Neighborhood project. 

According to all available information, it will be one of the best Coliving spaces in South Africa, furnished to the smallest detail so that everyone can live there beautifully and productively.

The owners have really taken the path of modern living with the Scandinavian design and amazing modern ideas such as a membership application, where members will not only be able to get discounts in local businesses, but will also be able to use specific facilities such as gym, fitness game room and so on, according to their membership.


Berlin is one of the capitals of Coliving. It’s a great city full of digital nomads and people working from home. It is also one of the most active cities, and resembles New York in its lifestyle.

It is almost in the heart of Europe and if you want to take a few days off, you can visit the surrounding countries such as the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland or Italy.

Happy Pigeons is a great choice if you want to live in Berlin for a while. They have a modern urban atmosphere with vintage furniture and lots of goodies. 

There are several different apartments in the building, each with its own working space. You will have roommates with whom you can spend your leisure time. Happy Pigeons know how to provide Coliving and if you want to live in Berlin with their offer, you will be taking a step in the right direction.


It is a very popular coastal town in Alicante. It was once a favorite bastion of pirates. Today, it is a favorite bastion of people looking for Coliving. 

Thanks to the beautiful coastline and crystal clear water, you can expect to spend your non-working weekends with your new friends on the beach.

Sun and Co. have created a great Coliving space in this beautiful area. Thanks to the Skype room and three different office spaces, your working life is perfectly covered. Socially, various cultural activities will help you adapt to a relaxed Spanish lifestyle, while meeting like-minded professionals from around the world.


In the Coliving environment, UKO clearly dominates here. It has five branches and offers the Australian market all-inclusive Coliving spaces. 

You can enjoy joint activities such as yoga or community dinners, movie nights, wine traps and the like. Thanks to these activities, you will make new friends. 

Their rooms and studios are modernly furnished, so all your comfort is met and you also have access to common areas.


Selina came from humble beginnings. Founded by two friends who created their first common space in Venaoa, Panama. Their popularity allowed them to expand rapidly throughout Central and South America and eventually reach Europe and North America. 

Selina is known for renovating old cultural heritage buildings and filling them with local works of art, making each location different. Selina Porto is located right in the city center. It has a wide range of affordable rooms, and you will find a huge courtyard with its own bar, the ideal place to meet your new colleagues and friends.

Coliving is an amazing life experience, thanks to which you save on living and at the same time enrich yourself on what really matters in life. And by that we mean contacts and life experiences. 

Just by traveling and living in Coliving spaces, you can meet new clients or even lifelong friends. The community of people is clearly one of the best ways to develop not only yourself, but also your business. 

Most people living anywhere in the world as part of Coliving are decent, open and interesting people, who are a pleasure to meet. 

We believe that we have motivated you to go to one of the mentioned Coliving places, because trying them out is a hundred times better than just hearing about them.