Best Flat Fee MLS

Pennsylvanian homeowners who choose to sell now have been reaping the rewards of selling in a booming housing market. Many of these savvy sellers contemplate the FSBO route, using a flat fee listing service to access the Pennsylvania MLS and – as a result – keeping most of the profits. But to leverage the benefits of an FSBO sale without any of the drawbacks, it’s advised that sellers select the best flat fee MLS Pennsylvania has to offer.

What is the Best Flat Fee MLS Pennsylvania Homeowners Can Use?

FSBO sales can be daunting to navigate. The process is often more complex than it needs to be, and the results are usually dismal. But, if sellers select the best flat fee MLS Pennsylvania homeowners can access, most of these challenges no longer apply, and the process is both quick and easy.


For sellers who want exhaustive syndication from a reputable flat fee MLS listing service, Houzeo has become a reliable go-to. Having launched in 2015, it seems that Houzeo has perfected many of the features where other listing services fall short.


  • Control: Houzeo gives you control over the sales process, allowing you to use their digital infrastructure to secure a lucrative sale.
  • Convenience: The entire process is completed online – including signing necessary documentation, completing the negotiation process, and onboarding.
  • Syndication: You get extensive syndication on local and national MLS.
  • Direct Contact: Houzeo prioritizes direct contact with buyers and buyer’s agents.


  • Changes: For those on the most basic plan ($229), each change you make to your listing costs $25. However, Houzeo offers other cost-effective plans ($299) that allow you to make changes for free.

Flat Fee Group

If you’re looking for a simple way to get your home onto national – and some local – MLS, Flat Fee Group could be an excellent choice. The focus of FFG is to give homeowners a straightforward way to access the Pennsylvania MLS. 


  • Lead Forwarding: FFG promises to forward all leads to your email.
  • Extensive Listing Images: If you have a larger home, you’ll appreciate that FFG gives you the option to include 50 images in your listing.


  • Features: Many of the features necessary to close the deal come at an additional cost on both FFGs plans.
  • Cost: FFG’s plans start at $399, but doesn’t offer features that support this cost.

Simple Choice Realty

Focusing primarily on the Pennsylvania market, Simple Choice Realty offers basic features that make an FSBO sale easier.


  • Free Changes: Simple Choice Realty allows you to change your listings free of charge.
  • Lead Forwarding: All leads garnered through your MLS listings are forwarded to you. 


  • Cost: Simple Choice Realty is the most cost-intensive option. Many of the cost-effective solutions include several hidden fees and have limited functionality.
  • Minimum Commission: Simple Choice Realty requires you to pay a buyer agent fee of 2% or more, something which is negotiable if you choose to use another flat fee MLS.

Considering that property prices have increased by 11% in only a year, it makes sense to use the very best flat fee MLS Pennsylvania homeowners are using to sell their properties.