Girl's Birthday Party

The decor plays a very important role in arranging a child’s birthday: after all, guests, as soon as they enter the house, will plunge into the magical atmosphere and get a clue that a wonderful, fun holiday and a lot of interesting things are waiting for them!- Girl’s Birthday Party

The decor of a girl’s birthday, of course, will be different from that at a boy’s party. To transform the interior and turn it into Wonderland, you can use decorations of tender color combinations and choose from multi-colored pom poms, fresh flowers, greenery, photos of the birthday girl, volumetric figures, tinsel, and, of course, trendy premium-quality balloons that you can shop here!

In this article, we will share with you the top girl’s birthday party decorations ideas!


The simplest yet a win-win option for decorating a child’s room is multi-colored latex or foil balloons filled with air or helium. Luminous, printed, of all colors of the rainbow — the choice is yours! There are many options for using balloons in decorating your kid’s party:

  • festive table decor: place a gift box on each plate and tie a helium balloon to it;
  • balloon numbers can easily become the party centerpieces;
  • in a large room, you can make walls and arches: tie the balloons to a solid frame, or create frameless compositions of an interesting shape;
  • helium balloons with the printed photographs of a birthday girl look very cute;
  • make a surprise balloon: fill one large balloon with many smaller items, wishes, small toys and pop it in the middle of the party;
  • stretch a fabric hammock under the ceiling and hide as many balloons in it as possible. Then, remove the hammock so that the balloons fall down on the guests — kids just love such things!


Another spectacular decoration option for a girl’s birthday can be inflatables that will make the greatest impression on guests and become a special surprise for your little girl.  You can use this option both for decoration and entertainment or you can have a blended effect. Arch’s, custom inflatable characters like your girl’s favorite princess or any other character that she is obsessed with are great decoration ideas. Inflatable tossing games meanwhile will serve as a unique pass-time activity. For a blended effect, you can consider having a bouncy castles house with the theme of your girl’s favorite character and killing two birds with one stone. You may put no limits on your imagination when thinking about surprising your favorite person with an inflatable. They come in different sizes, and shapes with any detail, you might dream of.


Fresh flowers are a universal choice for a birthday of a girl of any age. You can cover the entire room with petals!

Also, you can decorate the whole premises with fresh flowers in boxes by simply placing them around the room. The flower buds are often used in festive table decor: you can place a flat dish in the center of the table, and then lay out a flower arrangement around it.

By the way, you can make a hammock with live buds over the bed of the birthday girl, wake her up with congratulations and shower her with rose petals!

Paper decor

Such decorations will perfectly fit the style as well as the color scheme of the children’s birthday party. There are several trends you can use:

  • accordion paper balloons;
  • honeycomb balls;
  • paper pompoms;
  • pom pom brushes;
  • 3D stars.

You can put LEDs inside your accordion balloons, which makes them gently illuminate from the inside!

Also, you can create interesting garlands from anything: yarn and thread, fabric, colored paper and cardboard, small toys, flowers, candies and marshmallows, children’s drawings, or family photos.

Tissue pom poms

Spectacular and inexpensive, fluffy pom pom balls will successfully fit into any interior! You can attach them to the walls using command hooks or hang from the ceiling using a thread.

To make such a decor, fold 10+ sheets of tissue paper into a pile, fold the “accordion” in 2 cm distance, tie it in the middle with a tourniquet and then open layer by layer.

Wall newspaper

It would be a great idea to decorate the wall with the so-called “wall newspaper” — a drawing paper that the guests can use to write and draw their wishes for the birthday girl. For creating such an engaging decor, you can use a large piece of wallpaper.

Also, you can décorate one of your walls with a photo collage of the most interesting moments in your daughter’s life!


Using a certain number in your decorations will help you stick to one style. You can create your numbers from various things, such as cardboard, wood, plastic, styrofoam, or you can just order some quality number balloons and create stunning decorations with no hassle!