Best places to visit

Srinagar is the best tourist destination to visit. This place is considered heaven on earth because of its scenic beauty. If you want to visit this place during the summer vacations, you need to undertake a lot of research about the best hotels and the travel route. All this empty would be made since only when you choose to stay in a location that can offer all these beautiful scenarios to you. Lets havea look at the best places to visit near  four points by sheraton

Finding a perfect stay home in Srinagar

The first step to making your trip very memorable is to choose the perfect resort for yourself. If you list the best and the most comfortable resorts of Srinagar, then Four Points by Sheraton would be the first resort to come up to the list. It is a beautiful place to spend your vacation at. It has become the first choice of every tourist who visits Srinagar. 

Reasons to choose this resort

This place is considered an important place to stay in Srinagar because many essential landmarks of Srinagar are near this. So, in addition to a wonderful stay, you would also be getting the facility of visiting the best places around Srinagar to the greatest possible extent. The list of the most important places you can visit has been given in the following way. 

Shankaracharya hill

It is one of the most crucial hill structures near the resort. It is available at a maximum distance of 16 minutes from this resort. It is a beautiful natural picnic spot that will offer you a fantastic sunset and sunrise view. It is considered to be the best place for spending your evenings. There is a beautiful Tulip Garden adjacent to this Hill. In addition, you will also find this to be surrounded by pine and coniferous trees. 

You can also undertake the ride of a reindeer here. This is a beautiful tourist destination to spend time at. You can also taste the Kashmiri kahwa from the local vendors near the Marketplace. The hilltop is covered with snow for most of the Year. This is the best place to live and have a memorable time. You can enjoy the greatest possible extent if you visit the place. It also has a huge meditation hall for meditation and chanting purposes. 

Indira Gandhi Tulip garden

You can travel to the resort’s northwest to reach this beautiful natural Garden. It is just 4.4 km away from this resort. You would quickly get local modes of transportation to visit this place. It is a vast garden which is divided into different sections. All the sections are covered with different flowers and different colors of Tulip. This Garden is dedicated to the late Prime Minister of India, Shrimati Indira Gandhi Ji. 

It is a beautiful place to spend your evenings at. The natural beauty of this place is so outstanding that you will love to go there. You can quickly get to this place. You will enjoy traveling to this place to the greatest possible extent. It can focus a lot on flora and fauna, which is available in diversity at this particular place. This Garden is considered essential from the perspective of all the people who want to celebrate patriotism and its connection with natural beauty.

Dal lake

You might have heard about the famous Dal lake of Srinagar. It is the most favorite tourist destination spot of Srinagar. People from different parts of the world witness this place, especially during winter. It is a beautiful place to spend your time. This is a beautiful lake where you will find floating Markets and floating boats. You can enjoy a Boat Ride at this place. This lake can dissect its path through the local markets of Srinagar. 

It is considered to be an essential destination to visit. In such a situation, you can always travel to this beautiful tourist destination spot after traveling a distance of 7 km from the resort. You can easily find local modes of transportation for reaching out to this place. There are many local markets organized near this lake for the comfort of the tourists. They are famous for selling Kashmiri kahwa and other delectable Kashmiri items which are tasty to consume. 

Nigeen lake

If you travel south of the resort up to at least 4 km, you will reach this another famous lake of Srinagar. It is considered to be an essential tourist destination spot in Srinagar. Many people visit this lake to experience the diversity of flora and fauna nearby. Many migratory birds are found in this area, such as flamingoes. Beautiful mountains surround this lake. It is a beautiful place to visit in Sri Lanka because whenever the sunset happens, the shine of the snow falls on the lake. 

This gives a very mesmerizing look to witness. So if you want to visit this place, you have to make a plan only during the daytime because at night this place becomes a little riskier to travel. This place is known for its scenic beauty, especially during sunset and sunrise. You can witness the beauty of the shining mountains and the sparkling Sun together. They all combined to produce a mesmerising beauty altogether.


So accordingly, these are the best places to visit near  four points by sheraton in Srinagar very quickly and conveniently. All these places are very near to the resort. It is considered an important destination to spend your time to make your trip go much more memorable. This is a wonderful place to spend time at to the greatest extent possible.

It is considered essential to mention that all these places will not cost you much as they are very cost-effective and cheap. You can find it easy to reach these places if you are up at this particular resort. This is the best way to spend your time. These places are very entertaining, and at the same time, you will love this place at almost every cost.