With wars, political turmoil, recession, inflation, and other calamities all around the world, it’s no wonder that people are beginning to worry. Many individuals now have a heightened sense of financial uncertainty with the market, and the charts show these concerns. With this said, the bear market is looming in the future, and interest in tangible assets like precious metals is now beginning to rise.

Fortunately, investors can start as early as today when it comes to investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals in the market. This is where they can hold a reasonable amount of bullion and coins in their portfolio and get insurance from sudden market downturns or a stock market crash.

There are also options for exchange-traded funds, mining stocks, and futures that are all tied to gold. You can check the best Precious Metals to invest in 2022 in the link to ensure that you make the right decisions. You’ll find a lot of companies that will help you set up your individual retirement account or speak with a financial advisor who knows the ropes. If you want to add glittering assets to your portfolio, here are some options that might be right for you:

  1. Gold

The king of all precious metals is gold. This has many features, including malleability and tensile strength, and is valuable to many industries. It’s well-known for its use as jewelry and currency and can conduct electricity and heat. People can use it for jewelry or as a form of investment. It also adds value to industries like electronics, dentistry, and machinery.

Generally, one can see the gold’s value in the market 24/7. Unlike bonds and stocks, this precious metal is not commonly affected by the laws of supply and demand. The factors that can affect the price include new supplies from mines or hoarding of above-ground gold.

If there is a lot of demand for bullion and jewelry during economic uncertainties, then one can expect that this precious metal’s price can go up significantly. Other factors that can affect gold are the following:

War: Some would want to hoard gold during political turmoil and war. This is where they use their savings for essentials like food, clothing, and shelter. Others would use bars, coins, or other metals to help them pass to a safer city.

Inflation: If the prices of goods and commodities rise, and this is especially felt by people around the world in 2022, the value of precious metals also increases. People tend to prefer assets that will provide them with a safe haven against inflation.

Financial Uncertainties: When the stock market goes down, or there’s instability with the fiat currency, many want gold, so they will have something that does not decrease in value, along with paper assets. Read more about gold during economic uncertainties on this site here.

  1. Platinum

Platinum is used in various commodities worldwide, and the market also monitors its prices at all times. It’s rarer than silver or gold and can fetch a high cost per troy ounce. The prices can be favorable when the economy is stable, but each year, the miners find fewer amounts of platinum compared to gold.

Many factors can affect the price of platinum, such as its uses in various industries. Most of the demand comes from automobiles, which act as a filter to reduce toxic emissions. The smartphone, computer, and laptop industries also use platinum as one of their parts. It can be used in rings, necklaces, and other jewelry but can also act as a catalyst for refining chemicals and petroleum.

Since the automotive industry heavily relies on platinum, the prices often depend on production. Most states where clean air legislations exist might also utilize platinum, resulting in price increases.

  1. Silver

Unlike gold coins and bullion, the price of silver in 2022 can fluctuate regularly, and it’s considered more volatile. However, it has a primary role in various industries, and the law of supply and demand can strongly affect its performance. Since there’s an increase in technological advancements, silver has also risen in demand in recent years, and the shift is always in response to the following:

-The emerging industries saw that many buyers can now buy silver, and there’s a rise in demand for medical apparatuses, electronics, gadgets, and appliances that use silver as one of their parts

-There’s a demand for silver in circuitry and batteries

-Nowadays, silver is used in various renewable energy sources like solar panels, which has increased the demand

-As the production of electric vehicles increases, there’s also a further demand for silver because of its ability to conduct electricity

-Silver is used in fashion, clothing, and jewelry. It can also be used for commercial purposes.

  1. Palladium

Palladium is not too well-known as gold, but it’s valuable in various industries. The metal is silver and gleaming in its appearance, and it’s used in various manufacturing operations. It’s used to treat groundwater and is a valuable metal in jewelry, chemistry, and medicine. Palladium often comes from the mines of Canada, the United States, South Africa, and Russia,

The workers produce this metal in thin sheets because the purer form of palladium is very malleable. However, it becomes harder and stronger when it’s subjected to room temperature. These sheets are applicable in solar energy cells and fuel. Palladium is often used as a catalyst for chemical reactions because it’s very effective in doing its job. Get more info about palladium in this url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palladium.

Other Options to Choose From

Aside from the four metals mentioned, you can also try your luck with paper assets. Exchange-traded funds are very convenient if you don’t want to buy metals and coins. Some shares of mining companies tend to go up over time, and some options and futures can give bigger returns. The derivatives can bring large profits but also massive losses, so it’s best to assess your risks with paper assets. Research first before making any investments to be on the safe side.

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