vacation bible school

The year of Covid saw a much different type of outreach ministry take place…virtual vacation bible school, drive-thru VBS, and outdoor VBS programs emerged.

Vacation bible school for many is a right of passage. A week full of vacation bible school themes like rainforest explorers, under-the-sea, and superheroes give kids a time of fellowship, crafts, games, memory verses, and fun.

Most of the time people think of Baptist vacation bible school as the norm but many denominations host VBS with help from many volunteers from the congregation.

Are you looking for some new ways to create the best vacation bible school your flock could hope for as we get back to normal? Keep reading to learn five helpful tips to make VBS 2021 the greatest one yet!

1. Rely on the Talents of Your Volunteers

Do you have a volunteer who loves acting or singing? How about one who is great with decorations? Designate each volunteer to use their special talents where they are most needed.

2. Work With Other Area Churches

Coordinate with other churches to collect supplies, decorations, and other resources. Perhaps you can get a discount by buying things in bulk to share. You can also share ideas that will make VBS fun for all of the kids from each of the area churches.

3. Visitors Day

Choose one day of the week to allow visitors to come and see what you are doing. The kids can each invite a visitor or you can open it up to the church congregation.

4. Promote the Program Early

Gone are the days where the kids spend the summer at home with their family. The family summer calendar gets filled up pretty quickly with sports, vacation, and other summer camps.

Advertise VBS as early as possible so that parents can save the date and add it to the calendar before other things come along. A great way to get the word out is with custom vacation bible school yard signs.

5. Use Multiage Groups

Older kids helping younger kids is always a solid approach, but studies show that kids also learn more when they’re with kids of different ages.

Doing crafts and singing songs with the younger kids looking up to the older kids cuts out discipline problems and gives the older kids some responsibilities.

Is Vacation Bible School Free?

A lot of people wonder if there is a cost involved in attending vacation bible school. Do you offer your program for free? Some churches do have free VBS and some charge a nominal fee for the week. No matter what, kids come away with a week of Bible lessons, vacation bible school songs, and fun interactions with friends.

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By Sambit