Local SEO and Local Marketing

When starting a business, owners dream that their products and services will be bought by people from all over the world, even the farthest corners, without realizing that the answer to their prayers is right in front of their eyes. 

Local consumption is a trend with great potential; according to Intuit MintLife data, 70% of consumers buy local, 57% of them do it to keep financial resources in their community.

And rightly so, since the 32.5 million small businesses generate 61.2 million employment and are responsible for 65% of the jobs created since the year 2000, according to information from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Reasons enough to not only support local consumption but also to encourage it.

Getting your company known locally is a task that can take years if you don’t use the right resources and tools. Implementing local SEO and local marketing is essential for any business; if you don’t have the capital for this project, turn to small business loans and help your company reach its full potential.

What is Local SEO? Great Strategies to apply

It is the set of website optimization practices for a business to appear at the top of search engine results, related to the products and services it offers and the location of the business or its offices. This way, when someone searches in Google for dentists in Irvine, California, or car wash in Austin, Texas, to mention a few examples, your business will be displayed, depending on the niche and location.

Some of the best strategies to achieve this purpose are:

  • Register on Google My Business: Create an account on this platform and enter the data correctly. Other directories such as Foursquare will be handy to improve your visibility.
  • Localize your website: Include a location page on your website, with the business name, address, phone number, and a map service such as Google Maps. Don’t forget to use keywords such as the line of business and add where it is located “Mexican Restaurant in Albany.”
  • Optimize your social media: Use the localization tools in all your social networks when making publications. This way, your content will appear on the feed or when your neighbors use the search resources of any social network.

What is Local Marketing? Top strategies to implement

These are face-to-face marketing actions that target people within a radius of the physical location of a store or company. Using this type of tool will focus on a select audience whose needs you have identified. Below, we recommend some strategies for your business to achieve greater relevance in your community.

Take into account that every community is different; no one will understand their needs and tastes better than someone part of it. Know some strategies that you can use and get the love of the people and handle many sales.

  • Generate engagement with your community: In every city, there are events, contests, and parties. Participating and sponsoring them will allow you to achieve greater visibility among your neighbors. This strategy requires investment; if you do not have the necessary capital, you can resort to small business loans to get involved with your community.
  • Loyalty programs: Whether through printed cards or using apps, generating a rewards program will make your customers feel valued. By offering discounts and promotions, you will incentivize purchases from potential customers and pamper your clients.
  • Use banners: Advertising in public places will put you in the minds of consumers in your community. Even if they don’t need the product or service at the moment, they will remember you when they might need it.

Financing these campaigns to improve your small business

A company’s growth does not happen overnight; it requires hard work and a lot of discipline. Be sure that no project prospers without investment, and it is necessary to bet on your company and believe in your talent. Research the characteristics of different financing products, such as small business loans, and find the best suits your needs. Remember that the best loan is the one you can afford.

Don’t be afraid to focus part of your efforts on local consumption; your neighbors believe in you. Suffice it to say that other reasons people buy local are to support their neighbors (38%) and receive better service (28%). A brand that is loved in the community has a bright future; take advantage of this trend that is here to stay and meet consumer expectations.