It is true that science is the most popular preference for students after Class 10. A maximum of students picksScience stream either to become broadlydoctor or that of engineer. No matter how massive is its popularity, Science is even the hardest nut to crack. That is why Science students are under massive pressure. 

However,nothing is challenging if you do proper planning, thought processing and hard work. It is time that you think about your biology 11 ncert.  Now that you have chosen to take up biology as your stream for future, putting in your one hundred percent is essential. So, following are the top tips for you to do well in your class 11th.

Start from the scratch 

If you think that you have heard about this or that and hence, you know so much about this subject then you are mistaken. You have no idea how biology can be a headache if you do not do it rightly. The point is simple, biology is one area in class 11th that you cannot take for granted. The syllabus is different and there are different concepts that you might not even heard about. Moreover, if you think that you would do it all within a short span of time before the exam then too you are absolutely wrong. Biology is one subject that demands you to work hard and not simply cram.

Professional assistance 

Then you can also be sure that you take up professional assistance if you feel you cannot relate much to the subject. There is no harm in taking up tuition or coaching. Once you take up coaching for this subject, you would be sure that you learn it properly. There are a few of the many perks of taking professional help and a few are like:

  • You would start the subject step-by-step and nothing would be missed at all.
  • You are going to be attentive about the subject as you would be taking classes regularly.
  • There is no scope of you to procrastinate because once you take up coaching, you have to work on your regular tests that the classes often conduct. Hence, you have to keep on preparing simultaneously. 
  • Finally, if you have any doubts or you find that you are stuck in something, you can always talk to the teachers or tutors. Hence, you can be sure that there is not a smidgen of doubt in your mind and hence, clarity leads to better understanding of concepts.

Now, whether you should take up coaching or not, it is going to be your personal choice. But once you take it, you would find these mentioned things for sure. 

Solve questions from the previous year papers 

Maybe you give much attention to your boards like tenth and twelfth. But you have no idea the knowledge you obtain from class 11th is going to be really helpful for you even when you prepare for your entrance exams. Indeed, if you study your books and syllabus well in biology class 11th, you are definitely be sure that your basics or at least foundation is really strong for your future years in this stream. 

And for getting a good hold at biology when you are in class 11th, just make it a point to solve maximum possible question papers. You can take up previous years question papers and solve the questions. If the need be, you can even check out some more sample papers to solve and practice. This practice will ensure that you know where you are doing well and where you need to work stronger. Hence, you can be sure that you become better at this subject. Of course, for any material for your understanding, you can always check out excellent platforms like Infinity Learn and work on your learning.

Ask yourself questions 

Now, when you prepare for a subject like biology, it is not going to let you pass easy unless you prepare strategically and thoughtfully. The point is simple, you need to be considerate about how you take the subject. Here, once you finish of every chapter, make sure that you create questions for yourself and answer them. You can use ncert books and once you do from there, that would be more than enough for you if you study properly. Here, you just write down a few questions and try to answer them on the basis of the chapters you have done. In this way, you can think about the extent to which the question makers can go.  When you look for the questions, you would get in depth understanding and then giving the answers to the questions you wrote would be a double prep. 


To sum up , you can be sure that you use 11 biology ncert and do really well at your exam. Since you know much about how you can go about things, you have the power now to give your two hundred percent.