Birthday Gift Ideas For Woman

If you can’t think of a thing to get your wife for her birthday, here are ideas. One of them should be the perfect gift for your loved one. The key to easy and successful gift choices for everyone you know is to really know what they like and not just what you think they like, or worse, what you think they should like. Let’s see birthday gift ideas for every woman.

Maybe the woman in your life has pointed out things that she likes in shop windows or websites. Are you really taking it in when she shows you something? Or do you only pretend to admire whatever it is? Getting better at these situations can help make you an excellent gift giver.

The other thing that can help is knowing what “type” the woman in your life is. 

The Classic Woman

The classic woman doesn’t care what the current fashion is. She sticks with tried and true items like pearls and diamond stud earrings. If you think that diamonds are out of your price range, do some investigating. Lab-grown diamonds are the same as mined diamonds but they have two advantages. Mining them did not impact the environment or the miners. The second advantage is that they are generally more affordable.

The classic woman will also appreciate iconic perfumes like Chanel and Dior. You don’t need to go it alone. Staff at the perfume counter in any department store will be happy to help you.

The Outdoorsy Woman

Typically, outdoorsy women can’t be bothered with jewelry or perfume. Items like hiking boots and maybe a new kayak would probably please her the most. Multi gadget Swiss Army knives are great but there are even more unusual choices.

How about a wearable sleeping bag? It would allow her to sit comfortably by the fire on a frigid night and then just pull in her arms and legs back in the tent when it’s time to sleep. Another unique choice is night vision binoculars. With these, there’ll be no need to wonder what’s making that noise in the tree. She’ll be able to see that it’s a harmless raccoon and relax.

The Avid Reader

Does the woman in your life constantly have a book in her hand? Take notice of what genre she prefers and look for new works by her favorite authors. If she doesn’t already have an Amazon book wishlist, casually suggest that it might help her remember books that she means to read.

If you do purchase a book for her, don’t just give her the book in a box. There are numerous unusual and useful accessories that you can add. Does she like to read in bed? There is a wide array of booklights to choose from to make her reading sessions more comfortable and to keep you from being disturbed.

There are also many fun new book clubs to sign her up for. The recipient of a subscription will get a new surprise book every month. One club even supplies story-related gifts to be opened when the reader reaches certain pages.

The Homebody

The homebody would rather buy a new set of drapes than a dress for herself. She takes a lot of pride in her home and is constantly on the lookout for new furnishings and decorations. Take note of the colors she likes and the style of the furnishings. 

Don’t choose something like a throw pillow no matter how well you think it will go with your loveseat. There are loads of home stores on the internet and you should be able to find something beautiful and useful.

If you don’t think your loved one fits into any of these “types”, you can still become an excellent gift chooser. Start carrying a small notebook with you and fill it up with everything from random items she points out to brand names you see around the house. All it takes is a little imagination and observance.