A cancer diagnosis can be incredibly scary and distressing, and you may not know what treatment course to follow or what plan of action to take to keep you healthy and ensure that you can go into remission as quickly as possible. Then, if you have tried the most traditional treatments and they have not worked for you, or you want to try other options, read this guide for more information on alternative therapies for cancer in Mexico. 

Why People Look for Alternatives 

The most common treatments for cancer are chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery. Chemotherapy involves giving you anti-cancer medicine, while radiotherapy involves killing cancer cells in your body using radiation. These may be used alone or alongside each other for the greatest effect on your body. While these are often effective and can help to shrink tumors and eradicate cancer in the body, some people may decide to take a different course of action. Many people decide to look for alternative therapies because the most common medical treatments have not worked for them, and because they now have terminal cancer that these treatment options do not help. Alternative treatments could be the last chance to get well again for these people who have terminal cancer. 

However, others decide that they want to try alternative therapies for cancer because they are worried about the side effects of traditional cancer treatments, or they have had adverse side effects to these treatments. For instance, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause hair loss, mouth ulcers, a weakened immune system, anemia, diarrhea, and bleeding. They can also make you feel incredibly sick and tired. Radiotherapy can also cause sore skin and fertility problems, which could be concerning for people who want to get pregnant in the future or have children. Surgery can also cause life-altering results, and you may need physiotherapy after this surgery to restore your physical health. Then, you might decide that traditional treatments are not right for you. 

The Alternative Treatments

There are many complementary and alternative treatments and therapies for cancer. These include Gerson therapy, CBD oil, herbal remedies, acupuncture, visualization, and massage. However, one potentially effective treatment that you can try is enzyme therapy for cancer as this may help you to get better without the difficult side effects that you often experience when you have chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This is most often used for pancreatic cancer and uses enzymes to shrink tumors in patients with cancer. Although more research needs to be conducted, this could be a good alternative for those who have tried everything and who are looking for a different solution for their struggle with cancer. 

Trying Treatments Together 

Although many people replace traditional therapies with alternative treatments that can help them to say goodbye to cancer, others decide that they want to try these alternative treatments in conjunction with the treatment path that they are going down. This is especially the case if this alternative or complementary treatment can help with issues such as anxiety and pain, which might have been caused by being diagnosed with cancer. However, if you are going to use them in conjunction with each other, you should make this clear before you receive treatment and ensure that you speak to a doctor about whether this is a good idea or not, as some treatments may interfere with each other. 

Alternative Vs Traditional Treatments 

What you need to know, though, is that neither traditional treatments nor alternative treatments are better than the other. The right treatment option for you depends on you as a person and what can cope with and manage. Some traditional treatments might not be right for your body or your cancer, for example, and you may not be able to have them. This is especially the case if your cancer has spread or is in its late stages. However, traditional treatments have been tried and tested for decades, whereas alternative treatments often need more research and may not always be able to give you the results that you want them to. This might depend on how far your cancer has progressed and the type of cancer that you have. They are often gentler on your body than other forms of treatment, though, and this can make living with cancer easier and can allow you to increase your quality of life. 

Then, whether you opt for traditional or alternative treatments for cancer needs to be completely up to you. However, alternative treatments could offer a lifeline to those who are struggling with side effects or for whom other treatments have not worked. Then, you should look around for an independent clinic today that is at the forefront of developing alternative and experimental treatments for those with cancer and see whether they might be able to help you and your cancer.

By Swati