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The voice in dark is blog category of Vaibhav Raj Singh’s Blog . Where he share his life style and his experience through writing skills. He is most successful as writer. Through he’s Blog’s he attempts to play his part to Society.


Whatever I’m gonna write today is my opinion, my point of view. I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. In India teens of 18-25 ages group when wanna make or get along with their carriers,… Read More »THE GENERATION GAP

Middle class Family

Middle class a family where when a new baby is born hope’s & expectations starts to place it’s roots in home accompanied with every moment of rising, increasing happiness of new born. Middle class, a… Read More »Middle class Family


Why do we start smoking? First; friends provoke us or call it offer up; provoking our that 1% of desire to smoke once in life time saying “Arey kr le yaar, sb krte hain. Kch nhi… Read More »EVER LASTING PUFF…