With the huge number of data plans with competitive pricing, it is very important for the users to keep a track on the data usage. But many of the users don’t have an idea about how to check BSNL broadband usage without password or with login? But now BSNL has made the tracking of the data very easy. There are various means and ways of checking internet usage on broadband through SMS and BSNL’s self care portal.

The easiest way is to do though SMS while the other way is to work through installing a software. It is important to have a check that nobody is making unauthorized use of your account or any wrong charges are not added to your account. Find below the ways of checking the broadband usage:

  • Through SMS alerts: This is one of the easiest ways of tracking internet usage. Following is the procedure for activating SMS alerts on your mobile.
    • First step is to register your landline number by sending an SMS. One needs to send SMS in the specific format “REG<space><STD code><landline number>” to +919448077777 for NON BSNL users. Alternatively one can use, 52295 for BSNL users.
    • The second step includes sending an SMS “BBU<space><STD code><landline number>” to +919448077777 for Non BSNL users or 52295 for BSNL users.
  • Installing a software: the second method that can be used for checking the usage is using a tracking software on your mobile. Through this software, you can check the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly usage. Find below the details procedure for tracking the usage through software.
    • One needs to first download a good data tracking software on the mobile or laptop.
    • In this one can check the usage of the data through a table or charts which shows the usage of the data using the web portal.
  • Self-Care portal: The third method is to check the usage by registering through online in BSNL self-care portal. Find below the detailed process for checking the usage through self-care portal.
    • For this process, you need to know information such as customer ID and landline number which is available on the landline bill.
    • After checking the customer ID and landline number, one needs to register himself in the BSNL new self-care
    • After visiting the respective region on BSNL portal, one needs to register on the portal.

For registering, one would be required to provide the various details such as Customer ID, user ID, password, security questions, email ID etc. It is necessary to enter the mandatory fields here and can leave rest of the things.

  • Next, the user will be directed to the terms and conditions page. The user needs to click on ‘I agree’ and then would be able to see the BSNL dashboard. Below is the procedure the user needs to follow on the BSNL dashboard:
    • One need to click on services in dashboard and go to ‘my services’ page
    • After scrolling down, one will be able to see ‘check my broadband unbilled usage details’
    • One needs to now select the phone number, date and range e.g. a month
    • After making the selection the user needs to click on ‘go’
  • It will show the data usage in MB

Mobile data usage: Similar, to landline it is important for any person to check and keep a track of the internet usage on his mobile as well. Following is the detailed procedure for checking the mobile data usage.

Using USSD codes: USSD codes is the protocol used by the GSM telephone to communicate with the service providers. USSD code can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid call back service, mobile money service, location based content service, and menu based service. One of the way of checking the mobile data usage is through USSD codes. USSD messages are up to 182 alphanumeric characters long. Unlike SMS, USSD codes create a real time connection during a session. The connection remains open for a two way exchange of data, this makes USSD codes more responsive compared to SMS codes.

Following are some of the important USSD codes which can help track different types of data usage:

BSNL 3G/4G data balance: *123*10#

BSNL 2G data balance check: *123*10#

BSNL night, GPRS balance check USSD codes: *123*8#

One can refer to the BSNL site for knowing in detail the different USSD codes for different type of data balance

Using My BSNL App: Another way to check the internet balance is the use of My BSNL App. The app can be downloaded from Google app or Apple store as the app is available for both Android and iOS phones. The advantage of my BSNL app is the user does not needs to remember the USSD codes. Following is the detailed procedure for checking the data balance though BSNL app:

  • Download the app from the respective mobile store.
  • Sign up on the app using the mobile number or the email ID
  • After singing in one needs to click on my account. This will have various information under sub-headings related to your mobile sim. This includes phone balance, data balance, validity etc.


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