Two-Piece Swimwear

Choosing swimwear can be a daunting task for most women. It is often difficult for them to choose a swimsuit that flatters their bodies. There are many swimsuits that can look good on any type of body, and it might be difficult to choose one.

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This article will help you to choose the right swimwear for your body type. It will give you some ideas of what to look for and what to avoid. You can also do some more research to find the information that you need.

Choosing the Right Two-Piece Swimwear

  1. Select a Bikini – If you are more daring and you are proud of your midsection, you could choose a bikini. These are the most daring types of swimwear that you could choose – and they fit many body types. These only cover your private areas, so you will be exposing your back and midriff. You can buy bikinis as a set that matches completely. You can also find each piece separately so that you can coordinate them for a different look. You might need to buy them separately if you have different sizes for your top and bottom.


  1. A Tankini is More Modest – If your style is a little more modest, you can choose a tankini. This type of suit has more material covering your midriff but with bikini bottoms: They are two-piece suits that can be very flattering to most body styles. You can choose a shorter top if you are comfortable baring some of your midriff, or you can choose a top that goes to your bottoms. If you choose the shorter version, you might want it to go down to your belly button. If you want a longer top, have it meet at or even below your bottoms. This type of suit is also good for pregnant ladies because it can cover your baby bump. It will look cute in almost any color. It will also be more comfortable for the pregnant woman.

  1. Details for a Small Chest – If you have a smaller chest, there are things that you can look at to enhance this area of your body. You could look for ruffles to help draw attention to that area. You could also choose bold colors or patterns. If you don’t want to enhance this area, do the opposite. Opt for something that is plain and simple. You could also choose simple patterns such as triangle shapes.


  1. Support Your Fuller Chest – If you have a full chest, you want swimwear that will support your top. Check the straps and the cups to make sure that they will fit correctly. You might want to choose a halter, racerback, or something that has thick straps. You want to avoid anything with thin straps to prevent accidentally showing more than you want. Strapless options also aren’t very good for ladies with bigger chests. You want something that will be fully supportive.


  1. Choose Colors Wisely – Different types of colors will either minimize certain areas or enhance them. If you choose bright colors, you will enhance those areas. Dark colors will help to minimize areas that you don’t want to show off. If you paired a black bottoms with a red top, you would enhance the top of your body and minimize the bottom. If you want to do the opposite, choose white bottoms with a navy-blue top. This way you enhance the body parts that you want to show off. See here to learn more about how colors suit your figure.


  1. Full Coverage Bottoms – If you want to distract from your hips, you should choose bottoms that fully cover this area. These types will make your hips seem smaller and will hide any imperfections. They can help you to feel more comfortable in a two-piece suit. A bikini or tankini can be good for this because you can choose your bottoms separately. Choose a high waisted bottom that will accentuate your smaller waist. You could also choose a little sarong to cover even more if that is what you want.


  1. Move Around – Move around in your swimwear to make sure that it moves along with you. Do some squats, bend over, or even do some jumping jacks to make sure that it will stay on and still look good. You don’t want to be exposed because it falls off you. Make sure that it doesn’t bunch up in areas that would make it uncomfortable. You also don’t want the top to fall down or bunch up. Make sure that the suit fits tightly enough that it won’t come off if you dive into the water.


  1. Check the Thickness – Make sure that you check the thickness to make sure that it is durable. You want the suit to last you a long time, so make sure that the material is not too flimsy. You might like it to be a thinner material, but you want it to last longer, so go for durability. Don’t depend on linings to make the swimsuit more durable, the lining doesn’t do any good if the material is still flimsy. If you choose to have flimsy material, the suit won’t last very long. You might get holes in it, or the material may start to show through.


  1. Make Sure to Look at Your Suit from Behind – You want to make sure that you are not sagging in the back, so look at it from behind. You want to make sure that it is taut and flattering to your figure. You won’t look very flattering if your bottoms are saggy. If your bottoms are saggy, you might not have a quality swimsuit. If your suit has a skirt around it, lift the skirt to make sure that it fits properly. You want every part of your suit to flatter your body.


  1. Compare Your Swimwear Color with Your Skin Tone – You want your swimwear to complement your skin tone. You don’t want one that washes out with your skin tone. You want one that stands out. If you want a vintage look, you might go for a red and white polka-dot, especially if you have a darker skin tone. For a more feminine look, you might choose a white swimsuit with pink roses. This would be good for a more medium skin tone. For a light skin tone, you might want to go with a darker, bolder color.


These are just a few tips for you to get the swimwear that will best flatter your body. You want to look good while you are swimming, but you also want to make sure that the suit stays on you. Choose wisely and you can have both.




By Swati