College Pets

A pet can be a person’s best friend for life, and in tumultuous times like going off to college, there’s nothing quite like bringing a furry friend from home. But whether you’re a first-time student or pursuing a graduate degree, making the most of your time in college should be a priority.

Will having a pet in school add or detract from your college experience? Here are three questions to consider before making the big commitment to college pets.

Does This Pet Fit My Lifestyle?

Do you have time to walk a dog multiple times a day? Clean a litter box, or even feed something daily? These might seem like no brainer questions, but for a freshman in college, you may be surprised how busy you’re actually going to be.

But fear not! Cats and dogs aren’t the only options when it comes to picking the best pet. Amphibians like snakes are relatively low maintenance pets that often only need to be fed once or twice a week!

Or if you’re dreaming of something furry and playful, there are a ton of fun toys for pet Hamsters on the market today. Can you imagine a cute hamster running around in his hamster ball while you study for finals? Nevertheless, make sure you make your pet insured in case anything goes wrong or in case of vet bills; just because they are easier to take care of and can spend more time on their own, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve all the love and protection we can give them. Check out Bivvy for a cost-effective way to accomplish this.

How Big is Your Living Space?

Even if your university doesn’t have a size or weight limit, do you really want to squeeze a Great Dane into a studio apartment? It may be your dream pet, but that sounds like a lot of unfairness to your dog and your neighbors.

If a dog fits your lifestyle, there’s no reason no to enjoy the benefits of having one. But instead of going for the Great Dane, think of something a little less space-consuming. Think of some breeds of small dogs, such as Boston Terrier puppies.

A little fur baby will give you all the love and comfort of a dog, but in a size-friendly breed that will keep everyone much happier in the long run.

Are College Pets Affordable For You?

Having a pet can be a lot like having a child, and children are expensive. According to Terrier Hub, To be a responsible pet owner, make sure you factor your pet into your spending budget for each semester of school. This goes beyond pet food too!

Any new pet might need shots and a few vet visits, but a new puppy? He might need professional training as well. And don’t forget about grooming!

Will you need to pay someone to watch a pet during breaks and vacation?

The worst thing your furry friend could have is a health emergency, but are you prepared to pay for emergency vet bills too? And what if they have an accident on your dorm room floor? Don’t assume you’ll be getting that pet deposit back.

Do What’s Best For You

Even in a university setting, everyone’s college experience is unique. There are certainly benefits to having a college pet. While some people may not be equipped to take care of college pets, those who are will experience many benefits like companionship and a positive boost to their mental health. Manage your expectations with these questions and pick the best pet that’s right for you.

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By Sambit