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One of the essential kitchen appliances is the mixer grinder. Owing to the rapid exchange of information and expanding taste buds, the humble mixer grinder fulfils our desire to cook different kinds of food items. It allows you to prepare various food items such as purees, pastes, herbs, spices, chutneys and more. 

Modern mixer grinders come with an assortment of highly useful features in the kitchen. For example, the best Bajaj mixer grinder such as the Bajaj Maverick comes with four jars and 6 blade attachments, allowing you to use various functions such as slice, shred, chop, scrape, knead and make finger chips. 

However, even the best bajaj mixer grinders are susceptible to breakdowns and problems over prolonged usage. Every time you face a slight problem with your appliance, taking it to the service centre or calling the technician might not be feasible. Hence, we discuss the most common problems people experience with mixer grinders and how to fix them.

Blades Moving Slowly

When the blades of your mixer grinder are moving slowly, it takes a long time to grind or mix the foods and liquids. This usually happens when food particles clog the blade assembly. You can solve this issue by disassembling the blade assembly and soaking the parts in lukewarm soapy water for around 30 minutes. Run the mixer to see if the blades have started working faster. If the problem persists, contact a technician.

Coarse or Improper Grinding

A commonly-faced issue with mixer grinders is that they don’t grind the materials properly. In a situation like this, you can sharpen the blade by adding a spoonful of rock salt to the jar and turning on your mixer grinder. Turn the appliance off and run it a few more times.

Now check if the blade is sharper than before. If the problem persists, you will need to replace the blade with a new one. You can do that easily by using the spanner that comes in the box of mixer grinders. Start by holding the coupler present underneath the jar with your hand. Now use the spanner to disassemble the blade as you turn it in the clockwise direction.

Keep the new blade in place, fix it by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction and check if it’s locked properly. The Bajaj mixer grinders come with high strength stainless steel blades that stay sharp even after extended usage. Although you will have to shell out more money for the top Bajaj mixer grinder models, you will end up saving money on unnecessary repairs in the long run.

Leakage from the Jar

If you have used a mixer grinder, you’ve likely experienced material leakage from the jar. This is a common issue when there is a crack in the jar, a loose blade in the jar or wear and tear of the rubber gasket. If a situation like this arises, you should check if the jar has a loose blade and tighten its screws with a screwdriver.

If doing this does not solve the issue, there may be a problem with the appliance’s gunmetal connected to the mixer grinder unit. In this case, you can get it repaired by contacting a professional technician for help and, if required, changing the gunmetal. If the gunmetal is working fine, you should check for a crack in the jar.

If you find one, you will need to replace the jar with a new one. The best models of Bajaj mixer grinders come with a lid locking mechanism in the liquidising and dry jars, so you never experience leakage with your mixer.

Buttons Getting Stuck

You can experience stuck buttons on your mixer grinder when foods and liquids spill and fill the space between the buttons. Unplug the device and clean it thoroughly, especially the space between buttons, to fix the problem.

Tripping of the Appliance

Your mixer grinder can start tripping when used for extended periods to grind food items or to grind food that is hot. The problem can be easily fixed by switching off the mixer, unplugging it and resetting it. It is also not advisable to continuously use the mixer grinder for long durations.

Furthermore, instead of putting hot materials in the grinder jar, you should cool the food items down until they reach room temperature and then pour them into the mixer. Bajaj mixer grinders come with a 2-year warranty, making them highly durable.

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