Compare 5 Health Insurance Benefits

Compare 5 Health Insurance Benefits for Optimum Coverage. Health insurance is among the safest investment options that everyone should consider for attaining a financially secure and healthy life. Medical treatment costs are surprisingly high. Besides, growing health risks and lifestyle is a serious concern. In this scenario, a health insurance policy works to provide a cushion for one’s finances in the event of any unforeseen hospitalization due to illness or injury. 

Getting a health cover online is easy; but, with so many options to choose from can be a hurdle in your journey for getting the best medical insurance plan for you & your family. To keep things simple for you, we have listed some key benefits you must consider when selecting a health policy. Following this guide will help you get adequate coverage and prevent you from being underinsured. 

1. Hospitalization Cover

A health insurance plan ideally provides coverage for hospitalization & related medical expenses. That would include in-patient care, ambulance costs, room rent, ICU charges, doctor’s fee and nursing expenses. The policy will cover the insured in an emergency or even planned hospitalization exceeding 24 hours. When comparing this benefit, make sure you also check the sub-limits on room rent and ICU charges. 

2. Pre and Post Hospitalization Benefit

Among the top health insurance benefits to look out for is the coverage for pre and post hospitalization medical expenses. The insured gets coverage for costs related to medication, consultation, and diagnostic tests under this benefit. Usually, such medical expenses are covered for 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days after hospitalization. 

3. Day Care Treatment

Thankfully, medical science is advancing, and so some medical procedures do not require a patient to get hospitalized exceeding 24 hours. Such procedures are day care procedures. Day care treatment cover is one of the benefits of health insurance plan. When reviewing numerous policy options, remember to review the day care treatments covered in the policy. The comprehensive the list of day care treatments covered, the more beneficial it is.  

4. Cover for Pre-existing Diseases

Nowadays, individuals with pre-existing diseases can opt for the best health cover without any hassle. When opting for a policy for your loved one suffering from any medical condition, make sure you check if this coverage is available. Moreover, there is a waiting period clause that you should read. The minimum the waiting period, the easier it is to get coverage without facing delays. Pre-existing disease cover is a valuable feature that saves the insured from incurring financial losses due to the treatment of such diseases. 

5. Coronavirus Treatment Cover

When comparing different health policies, a look at the policy features will give you an idea if the option you have selected provides coronavirus treatment. The world is still facing the impact of the pandemic. Hence, securing one’s health by investing in health insurance with COVID-19 coverage is necessary. With this benefit, you can ensure to get comprehensive coverage for your loved ones. 


Finally, a health insurance policyholder has the choice to access medical treatment on a cashless basis at network hospitals. This benefit eliminates the worries about paying medical bills during hospitalization. So, while selecting a health policy, you must look at the network hospitals list. Go for an insurer with maximum network hospitals, which will help you effortlessly find a cashless hospital in your location. For example, Care Health Insurance is a leading health insurer in India, having over 8350 network hospitals. 

With so many benefits, it is still possible for you to get a policy at an affordable premium. You can know the premium through the health insurance premium calculator to compare different options wisely and make a sound decision. 


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