YouTube is a platform that provides a wide range of content for anyone to watch. Some channels like “Funny or Die” and “How Stuff Works” has millions of subscribers and are broadcasted to millions of people every day. YouTube has become an influential marketing channel, allowing marketers to reach audiences more efficiently than any other social media platform. Creating a channel takes time and effort. But how to delete a YouTube channel after establishing one? Is it a wise move? Let’s find out!

How to Create a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is a powerful medium tool for many businesses, but it can take time and effort to create a YouTube channel. Therefore, it’s essential to be strategic about choosing content, branding your channel, and growing your following in order to succeed on YouTube. Here are some tips from experts on making a successful YouTube channel.

  1. Choose your content wisely: One of the keys to success is choosing your content well. For example, clothing companies should stick to product reviews and tutorials for now, but soon they may want to begin creating branded videos.
  2. Consider using YouTube marketing software: Many businesses use YouTube marketing software to help with planning, promotion, analytics, and other helpful tools for a successful YouTube channel. In addition, they offer some excellent features that can save businesses time and money if they are new to the platform or have a small budget.
  3. Create interesting content: If you create interesting and unique content, your YouTube videos will get more views, and the viewers will become loyal to your brand. Consumers want to see what makes your company different and why they should buy from you.
  4. Optimize for search: Some businesses might not have a point of view about the type of content they should create, but certain types of videos will be more effective for their marketing goals.

Why Deleting a YouTube Channel is Important? 

Creating a YouTube channel is long and tedious. Building up an audience takes months or years. But when you delete your channel, it’s like removing all the hard work you put into it.

Learning how to delete a YouTube channel is helpful but more likely an option. Deleting a YouTube channel is essential because it gives you a fresh start with no old content and no audience. Instead, you can start over with a new channel and have new subscribers who are likely to be interested in what you offer.

Building up an audience on YouTube takes time and effort, but deleting your old channel requires only a moment!

How to Delete Your YouTube Channel?

Among the video hosting sites, YouTube is the most popular one. It has a lot of content, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. But if you want to delete your YouTube channel, it can be difficult.

But there are ways to delete your YouTube channel that is easy and fast. Here are some tips on how to do so:

  1. Go to YouTube and sign in
  2. Click “My Channel” and head to “Advanced Settings.”
  3. Click on “Remove YouTube Content.” Sign in again when you see the prompt.
  4. Click “I want to permanently delete my account.”
  5. Click on the checkboxes that explain what will happen if you delete the account.
  6. Click “Delete my account.”

What Happens to the Content Present on My YouTube Channel After I Delete My Account?

Implementing how to delete a YouTube channel is quick and easy. But what happens to the videos? Will YouTube store them or remove them permanently? When you delete your YouTube channel, Google will remove everything associated with the channel, such as videos, comments, playlists, messages, and history. However, specific data such as watch time will be collected to make it a part of the aggregate reports.

Will Removing My YouTube Channel Effects My Business?

When you plan to implement the solution for how to delete a YouTube channel, you should consider how it will affect the outcome. For example, if you are creating videos promoting your business’s product. In that case, deleting the channel makes no sense. You will lose out on the competition, the subscribers you have gained over the period, the loyal customers, and possible new audiences!

From the SEO point of view, deleting the channel (which removes videos) will remove all the SEO authority associated with the channel, such as the traffic, number of views, metrics, and more. Therefore, in the monthly analytical report, you will notice it as “Negative.”

Even if you are hosting the channel for yourself, you will lose the SEO connection because people usually search using a keyword that helps them get to your channel or a video available on your channel.

An Alternative to Deleting the YouTube Channel

How to delete a YouTube channel is a simple process. But why do you want to delete it in the first place? Of course, you have your reason, but it makes no sense that you would like to remove the account because of no/fewer views after putting so much effort into creating a single video.

An alternative to deleting your YouTube channel is making the video private. Thus, you can stop them from appearing publicly. Additionally, you can pick only those videos that are off-branded and causing negative statistics (high bounce rate). Removing such videos from your channel will help you perform better over time.

Key Factors to Consider Before Deleting YouTube Channel

Before you decide to implement how to delete a YouTube channel, consider the following points:

  1. What is the current performance of a video/videos on the channel?
  2. Where is my channel appearing? Is it appearing on a specific website or several sites? Is someone using your videos for marketing purposes?
  3. Do the videos in your channel promote a brand?
  4. Is it possible to optimize the channel for better engagement than deleting it?
  5. Did I save the videos elsewhere for later use?


How to delete a YouTube channel is straightforward and takes only a few moments. However, understanding what is at stake gives a better prospect before deciding. For instance, you can choose to make the videos private or search for answers that help you optimize the channel for better reach. Make an informed decision, as you have inputted effort, time, and money into building your channel.

By Swati