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Every business with online footprints is struggling to get attention which is only possible with its visibility on the first page of Google search engines. Digital marketing professionals are struggling hard to cope with the changing search engine algorithms. Google search results may show 10-20 pages of relevant websites but there is no hope for business if it is ranking somewhere behind the top 10. This intensified competitive environment shows no mercy whether you are an old or new player. Therefore, strategies to implement digital marketing practices need to be critically analyzed for their feasibility. Here we are going to guide you with some productive information that will really help in attaining a reputable ranking at SERP.- Comprehensive Tutorial

Unavoidable Factors For An Ideal Website to Rank

Before you implement digital marketing strategies, make sure that the targeted website is actually ideal for optimization. It should be meeting the following parameters:-

  • Optimum Loading Speed
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Engaging User Interface
  • Well-Structured
  • Secure with HTTPS
  • No Technical SEO Issues

If a website is already optimized as per these parameters, the implemented strategies will work efficiently enough to serve the purpose. Let’s get straight to the guide of first-page ranking strategies. Stay connected!

Smart Strategies to Achieve The First Page Ranking

  1. Keyword Research

Determine which Google search terms you want your website pages to respond to. These are referred to as keywords, which can be individual words or phrases. Every page on your site should focus on a new keyword or phrase so that they don’t compete with one another. The proper keywords for your company are those which your ideal customers use to find the items and services they require. Several free keyword research tools are available to assist you in selecting keywords for your business.

  1. Know what your competitors are doing

When the competition is high, ranking on the first results page of Google is difficult. The second stage is to learn about your competitors, starting with who you’re up against.  To do so, conduct a keyword search by examining the first page of results.  If they’re all from well-known companies, and you’re a startup with no prior experience, getting to the top10 ranking will be difficult at least for the short term.

  1. Guide Google crawlers- Comprehensive Tutorial

Google crawls the internet, ranks the millions of sites it finds, and stores everything in an index. When a user conducts a search, Google can swiftly retrieve relevant results by scanning its more structured index. In order to make it convenient for Google to search, index, and get your site appearing on the first page of results, use keywords in the following areas:-

  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt Tags
  • Page URL
  1. Productive Content for Readers- Comprehensive Tutorial

The main area compatible for natural keywords insertion you’re seeking to rank for is in the text content. It is critical, however, that all these keywords are not added excessively, but rather organically. Google crawlers can now detect term stuffing, and if it does, you’ll be relegated to the second page of its search results.

The secret to ranking on Google’s first page is to provide information that is valuable, trustworthy, and easy to understand. Informative content will retain your target audience on the pages longer and encourage them to return. Just keep in mind that if you need a high ranking on Google’s first page for a specific term, your page must deliver information, not just keywords.

  1. Optimize GMB Account

Google My Business has quickly become among the most powerful digital marketing tactics to local businesses. Google Maps and Google Search engine both use the GMB section to generate local listings. Adding extra information to your company profile through a Google My Business account is a quick and easy approach to help it appear on the first top of Google Maps and Search. Make sure you have completed the process of validating and claiming your listing.

In order to optimize your entire Google business profile, keep these important factors in mind:-

  • Make sure that the profile form is filled with the right information
  • Keep updating the information as per the ongoing changes
  • Maintain the name’s consistency
  • Upload photos
  • Use a GMB grader

Do you know all the first-page ranking benefits? Read the points below to figure out how many of them were already in your mind.

Advantages of First-Page Ranking for a Business- Comprehensive Tutorial

  1. Improves Visibility

With 167 billion monthly searches, landing your business on Google’s top page is like putting your shop on the busiest street in town. Your brand awareness will grow as more people visit your website. Consumers will be more responsive to conversion activities if they are already familiar with your brand.

  1. Increase users engagement

More than 80% of customers undertake internet research before making a purchase, and Google is the most used search engine. Google’s search engine results page enables people to compare, learn and engage with your business before ever clicking on the result. This is possible due to answering boxes, the “People also ask” section  and local results. This includes star ratings, contact info, location maps, reviews, and descriptions.

  1. More Leads Generation

As a marketer, your goal is to take the targeted URL to the top 10 results page on Google for searches made by potential customers. It will help people with the purpose to buy or engage with your relevant product to approach conveniently. These are the online searchers who are most likely to become leads and get converted into consumers later. Affiliate marketing practices are also helpful to serve this purpose.

  1. Traffic increment

Google’s first page has a significant disadvantage. In fact, Google’s first page captures at least 71% of all web traffic, and the second page is a distant second, accounting for only 6% of all website views. This sharp drop in online traffic demonstrates how crucial the top page of Google is in terms of traffic diversion.

Hope this piece of content has served the purpose of knowing the first-page ranking significance. On the basis of professional insight, we have included the 5 most impactful tactics to get your ranking on the first page. Bookmark these digital marketing tips and don’t forget to implement them for your upcoming campaign.


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