Conference Call Features

Conference calling is an amazing application that your business can benefit from greatly. These are some conference call features that you may not have even known you needed.

Pinless Calls

One feature that you may not have known you needed is the ability to make a pinless conference call. The people in your call group can join your conference call without entering a special pin number to get on the call. Several benefits exist to having pinless call options. For one, none of your attendees will miss the meeting because they didn’t receive a special pin by email. Secondly, no callers will get frustrated and opt-out of the meeting because the system tells them they’ve entered the wrong pin number. Thirdly, you can save time if you forgo the requirement to have your callers enter a pin. This will give you more time to focus on your business’s needs.

Secured Calls

There may be a time when you feel that your calls need to be secure. You might have a confidential matter to discuss with your employees or business partners. Secured call features will give you control over who listens to the content of your conversation. That way, you can keep confidential company information private and not risk having someone gain access that you don’t want to. Call encryption is an example of a security feature that might interest you. It encrypts the call information so that a hacker won’t be able to understand the content. You may also have privacy options that allow you to delete participants anytime you want to restrict parts of the call.

Call Management

You might also be interested in a call management feature. The call management features will allow you to set up meetings without doing it manually. You’ll be able to do things like invite people to the conference call and add them to the meeting. You’ll also be able to set a special greeting for your callers when they call into the meeting. There are many call management features available. Therefore, you should talk to an agent to find out which features you can get to help your calls go more smoothly. You’ll be glad you took the time to find out about additional features.

Playback Mode

Playback mode is another interesting feature you might enjoy. Playback mode will allow other people to call a number and listen to the previous conference call you had. This is particularly useful when some people are unable to attend a meeting you have scheduled. You might also need the playback mode feature if you want to revisit your conference call to take notes or transcribe a certain part of the call. Both of those options are available through the playback mode. There are many more features you can take advantage of. Ask about all the other features you might one day need.

Now you know just how beneficial conferencing calling and all of its features can be. It’s time to invest in a reliable program so that your business can soar.

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