our Android or iPhone can become an instant movie projector! Learn the different tricks to convert iPhone into projector. This is easy to achieve with the use of ordinary household items. Would you believe that the mobile phone projector is a cost-effective way of watching movies right in the comfort of your bedroom or living space. One only has to ensure the phone fits into the box with a hole. The lens can enlarge images by eight times. It is wireless, portable and uses no additional electricity.
Turn your iPhone into projector. These are the basic materials that you need:
  • One box or carton (black colour) to prevent unnecessary diffusion or dispersal of light
  • Magnifying glass with clear lens.
  • On paper clip
  • Pencil and ruler
  • One pocket knife
  • Duct tape
  • Silicone grip pad adhesive to hold everything in place
  • Android or iPhone
The measurements of your box should be 7” X 6.75” X 4”. It will work with a mobile phone that is smaller than 3.5” X 5.75”. It can be an old shoe box provided the carton is still durable.
Now, start working to turn your android mobile phone into projector.
  • Mark the diameter of the box with your pencil.
  • Cut the hole in the box using the pocket knife.
  • Install the magnifying glass. Remove the handle if this is possible.
  • Fix the glass with duct tape to prevent unnecessary movement.
  • You can make a stand out of the paper clip.
Now that you were able to turn your smartphone into projector, the next step is to find a dark room and fasten the phone into the box. Make sure the self-styled projector is at a correct distance from the wall. Adjust the housing to set your focus. Then, you can just sit back, relax and relish every minute of watching the movie.
It is simple to rotate your iPhone or Android Screen. Go to the phone’s Settings and click accessibility  options. Users of android phones can download the Application such as Ultimate or Screen Rotation Control. Once you have done this, increase the phone’s brightness and place it inside the box until maximum brightness is achieved.  A white-painted wall will make images appear clearer.
You can see how easy it is to turn your android mobile phone into projector. Feel free to show your invention to your loved ones and friends. Aside from watching movies, this projector can also be used to highlight photos or images in your room and focus on visuals during get-together parties. Children will love the idea of an improvised movie theater in their playrooms. Besides, you need not spend a fortune with this do it yourself mobile phone projector.
These tricks to convert iPhone into projector are not complicated. In fact, this home-made contraption is an ideal present for kids, techies, and friends who already have a lot of things in life.

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