Cream Pie Strain

Cherry cream pie strain is a very tasty looking bud with a sweet scent to match. It’s not as hard as you would expect, but it will certainly give you a workout if you’re trying to break it up by hand.
This weed is an Indica dominant marijuana strain that has been around for quite some time and is very popular in the Midwest of the USA. Many weed connoisseurs love this strain because of its fantastic taste and smells. You’ll notice that cherries are one of its main flavors, so those who appreciate cherry flavored candies or other items will know what we mean when we say this weed tastes just like them! The aroma produced from Cherry cream pie strain is also something else – many who smell it comment they’ve never smelt anything quite like it before.
Cream pie kush is a cross between the Canadian Ruderalis and California Orange strains, true to its origins in the Midwest of America. This weed strain grows between 3-4 feet tall, or 1-1.2 meters for our European friends. It is particularly popular because it’s easy to grow and can be grown either indoors or outdoors, although outdoor growers beware that this is a hardy plant that doesn’t mind the cold too much!

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