If you decide to improve the landscape design, dilute the interior of your outdoor establishment, purchase furniture for “street” use, then you should know the fact that choosing furniture is categorically not suitable. 

Experts do not recommend using furniture designed for enclosed spaces, despite its reasonable cost. Later it will quickly lose its presentable appearance. Therefore, you should initially choose the right outdoor furniture for future savings. 

Requirements when choosing furniture for outdoor:

High wear resistance. Products for outdoor establishments are designed to be constantly used by visitors;

Practicality. These products should not wear out quickly and fail;

Possibility of restoration. In case of minor breakdowns, there should be a possibility of quick repair, so that there is no need to spend on a new kit;

Quick care. It is very important that, with intensive use of furniture, it is possible to clean it quickly and easily.

Material for outdoor furniture

For bars and restaurants, furniture is of crucial importance in attracting customers. The main elements of the interior are tables and chairs. The table is the center of attention and the mainstay of your meal. Depending on the shape and style of the table, chairs are selected, and then additional interior items. When buying furniture, you need to understand how it will look in your establishment. Whether its style and the material from which it is made are combined with the architecture of your institution, fencing and other elements.

When buying furniture for summer verandas of cafes or outdoor terraces of restaurants, you need to pay close attention to the selected material. The furniture that you plan to use outdoors should be resistant to weather changes and easy to clean.

Let’s say the design of your restaurant is made in a modern style, then you should pay attention to the structures with strict laconic forms made of aluminum and galvanized steel. If you have everything in the style of minimalism, high-tech or eclecticism, then simple plastic furniture will suit you. The bars, which are decorated in a rustic style (country, Provence), are characterized by light wicker furniture.

Wood. Products made from natural wood are considered the most elegant and fit well into any interior. Wooden furniture is treated with special protective equipment that allows you to preserve its original appearance.

Rattan. This is one of the most popular materials for weaving. It is quite plastic, which allows you to create unique ways of weaving. Just like wood and plastic, rattan is coated with a protective varnish, which increases the resistance of the material to moisture and other weather conditions. For more comfort and style, textiles are added to the rattan: pillows, bedspreads.

Teak is a unique material that is resistant to the characteristic signs of weather conditions in the Middle East. Outdoor bar furniture made of teak wood does not require special care, which is also important.

Metal. The landscape garden goes well with wrought iron products. Furniture with ornate molding looks luxurious and presentable.

Plastic. Furniture for outdoor cafes and restaurants made of plastic has a fairly low price. A rich color and constructive palette makes it possible to create unusual compositions that will harmoniously fit into any design of your institution. Such furniture is always clean, and thanks to its lightness it is quite mobile. To increase the strength of plastic furniture, metal is often used in the manufacture of the frame. Please note that the plastic must be made of high-quality material in order to avoid subsequent deformation of the product.

Stone. This pleasure is not cheap. It is worth considering, however, that due to the large weight of the products, you will not be able to move them.

Choosing furniture for your establishment is important which is cozy and visitors want to come back to you.


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