You can sue for compensation when you have suffered an injury or harm due to a negligent party. In most cases, insurance settlements are the first means of compensation you can use to recover the damages you have suffered. That means you must deal with the insurance adjuster as your primary contact during the investigations into the accident and the circumstances of the negligence. The insurance adjuster is also the interviewer, and they have to ask questions to document the case and determine the liable party.

The interest of an insurance adjuster

You may be quick to assume that the insurance adjuster has your interests at heart, but that may not be the case which is why it is vital to seek legal guidance from a personal injury lawyer. The work of the insurance adjuster is to investigate and examine the case to determine how much settlement amount the insurance company should offer for the incident.

Since they work for the insurance company, their objective is to ensure that the payouts are as low as possible for the company to profit. Fortunately for the claimant, the adjuster must also ensure that they avoid a lawsuit as much as possible and settle the case out of court if need be. If the claim gets to court, that means the judge decides how much is owed to the injured party.

As you can see, an insurance adjuster only has the insurance company’s interests at heart. Since they are experienced in what they do, it is never advisable to deal with an insurance adjuster without proper legal representation. A Detroit personal injury lawyer can instruct you on how to talk to them and guide you through the processes needed to obtain the settlement. Even if you have navigated the process yourself, it is vital to engage a lawyer before signing anything to ensure fair and acceptable compensation.

How the insurance company determines a settlement offer

The settlement amount the insurance adjuster decides depends on the extent of the accident and the injuries suffered. The actual expenses, including medical bills, treatment, prescription costs, and other healthcare costs for the current time and future, play a role in determining how much should be offered. Another aspect that plays a role when considering the damages is the loss the victim suffers when they can work or is disabled, leading to the loss of the capacity for gainful employment. Other forms of loss, including emotional damage, pain, and suffering, also come into play when deciding the settlement amount.

Next, the insurance company considers the policy’s limits and the strengths of the claimant’s case. This is to say; the insurance company cannot offer you more than the absolute limit of the policy. However, when you have a strong case based on evidence and documentation, the insurance company may be forced to pay a larger amount.

Dealing with an insurance adjuster efficiently

A personal injury lawyer knows how insurance adjusters work and can help you negotiate for the highest amount of settlement possible. It is important to let your insurance adjuster know that you have a lawyer who protects your rights during the investigation.