Modular And Mobile Homes

With prebuilt homes quickly becoming a great alternative to traditionally constructed homes, the purchase of a prebuilt home is a great way for consumers to finally realize their dream of home ownership.- Modular And Mobile Homes

Now that you have made the choice to go with a prebuilt home, it can be easy to get confused with all the different terminology of the different housing options. If you are going with a prebuilt home, you can choose between a manufactured, mobile or a modular style home. But what exactly are the differences between these styles of homes? In this article we hope to explain some of the key differences between a mobile, manufactured and modular style home.

Different Construction Methods- Modular And Mobile Homes

The biggest difference between a manufactured, mobile and modular home is the way that they were constructed. 

Manufactured Home: These homes have been entirely fabricated in a factory and then shipped to wherever the home will be located. Once these types of homes have been delivered to their destination they are almost indistinguishable from a home that was constructed on-site. Manufactured homes generally aren’t moved again once set up. This makes the entire process easy to be overseen in an accurate and consistent manner effectively cutting down on many of the potential delays that would otherwise result from a traditionally built home. These homes have been constructed according to code by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD).      

Modular Home: This style home has also been constructed in a factory but has been designed following the local state building codes. These homes have either been built on a permanent or temporary chassis. If the home had been built on a permanent chassis it is known as being “on frame” and for homes on a temporary is referred to as an “off frame”. Depending on how this home was placed will affect how it will be assembled at the destination.

Mobile Home: These refer to any type of manufactured home designed prior to 1976. Mobile homes are now obsolete since HUD’s policy change came into effect in 1976. These homes have now largely been replaced by the more modern manufactured home. 

Home Design Options- Modular And Mobile Homes

If you are interested in a manufactured home compared to a modular one, the structural changes are what set them apart. Manufactured and Modular homes have both come a long way in the recent years with regard to available home design options.

You will find many cosmetic and design styles available depending on your financing options and which building company you purchase from. A homebuyer has a wide range of building options and cosmetic features to choose from. Since these homes are constructed in one factory, they are able to provide customers with more customizable features to choose from. A traditionally constructed home is almost indistinguishable from today’s manufactured or modular homes.


A common concern many homebuyers have regarding manufactured and modular homes is about their safety. Both styles of home are constructed offsite leading many to distrust the safety of the home. These fears are entirely unfounded and have no real difference between a home constructed on site in a traditional manner, compared to its offsite counterpart.

Manufactured homes have been designed according to HUD’s safety standards. These safety standards have been put in place to help ensure that a manufactured home is every bit as safe as a site built home.  


Manufactured and modular homes are both more affordable than a traditional site built home. The main reason for this is due to the homes construction taking place in a single location allowing for controlled production costs. Since they have been fabricated in a factory they can be built in a fraction of the time with fewer delays and hidden costs. These savings in its construction are then passed down to the customer. This option can provide many consumers an opportunity for genuine home ownership that they’d otherwise be unable to afford.  

Choosing The Best Option For you

While there has been an increase in available options for prebuilt homes, manufactured homes have several clear advantages. 

A manufactured or modular home offers:

  • Design and customization options
  • The home is safe and designed to code and built in one location
  • Manufactured homes are more affordable since they have been constructed offsite

These are just some of the reasons why manufactured homes are beginning to emerge as a great choice for many would be home owners. Once you have decided on a home type and had it constructed in the factory you will need to have the home transported to its new location. You can go on Google and look for mobile home movers near me and start getting quotes for your new homes delivery.