cannabis consumption

There are different types of cannabis products in the market today available on other online dispensaries. There are various ways that consumers prefer having these products, and this is according to what they find applicable to them. In most localities, the purchase and consumption of cannabis products are regarded legal therefore providing a good platform for selling devices used to consume these products. If you are a cannabis products lover and have been using a single substance consumption method, below are other techniques that you can apply to make your experience the best.

Water pipes

There are different types of water pipes designed and structured in the best manner for substance consumption. An example is a gravity bong, a homemade smoking device used by immersing in a water container. This smoking device has a specific chamber where smoke is pulled down by gravity when the consumer is smoking. This type of smoking device, yet traditional, is regarded the best for your health though considered definitive; this is because the water absorbs any harmful substance in the initial essence. This smoking device is mostly viewed best for it is affordable compared to other types of smoking devices.


Vaporization is regarded as using smoking devices that break down cannabis products into more harmless and consumable products in the form of vapor. This type of substance consumption is safe, especially for people who have cardiovascular problems, this is because it helps remove any toxins that may be present.

Oral delivery methods

There are cannabis products that are presented through mints as well as breathe strips. There are directly consumed through the mouth, which is said to take 10 to 30 minutes to be active. There are products in other forms that can be put in drinks or food. This would be the best consumption method, especially for a user doing it for the first time.

Hand pipes

A hand pipe is a portable smoking device that is well-structured to filter smoke and other unwanted substances in the cannabis substance of your choice. Unlike water pipes that convert the toxins to water, the hand pipes are made separate by filtering the importance best for the user when smoking. The best thing about hand pipes is that they are available in all sizes; therefore, best to carry along when traveling; they make smoking appealing.

Rolling papers

This is a traditional way of consuming cannabis; the rolling paper is available in different types and sizes for use. There are different types of paper roll that you can use for smoking;

Rice papers

They are ultra-thin and skippering, have a slow-burning tendency but are considered best for their consistency in lighting.


Hemp papers are thin therefore flexible to roll, and they are said to be made of inorganic material, therefore, fit for consumption.


They have a high concentration in their material, therefore, makes the substance smell less of smoke.

Fiber trends

This type of smoking paper is related to the wood pulp, which burns continuously therefore considered more applicable than any other smoking paper.

Wood pulp

This material is regarded the best for they burn hot and fast compared to the rest.


This is regarded the same as vaporization but has a water reservoir whereby the filtrate is stored here. The hookah designs are a wide range in quality, shapes as well as internal structure. In the tubes, the coils heat the substance and make it ready for smoking.

There are many types of cannabis smoking techniques offered in different sizes and structures. The user needs to choose the most applicable, easy to use and affordable one.

By Sambit