Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, is a tourist sensation in Australia owing to many reasons. One of the major attractions apart from the Sydney Opera House is the cuisine of this city. To tourists, the local food here may seem exotic. There are a plethora of dishes with meat like Kangaroo and emu, which is a rarity elsewhere.

Seafood platters are a must-try. Being popularly called an “Island continent,” Australia has a lot to offer in terms of seafood. Waterfront Manly restaurants in Sydney are a star attraction as they serve local, seasonal dishes prepared authentically.

Crocodile stew, fried possum meat, Sydney rock oysters, and blue crab meat are rare delicacies attracting discerning food connoisseurs to restaurants of Sydney. 

5 Must-try Seafood in Sydney

  1. Barramundi

Although served in restaurants all over the country, it is a quintessential Australian fish found commonly in Sydney. It is native to Australia and the Indo-Pacific region. They are a great source of lean protein. They have a mild flavour profile and are naturally high in Omega-3 fatty acids. They can also be farmed easily, without the use of hormones or antibiotics. As they don’t have a strong odour, like most white fish types, it can be used in a large variety of recipes.

  1. Australian Prawns

The sun being present throughout the year helps Australia host a variety of succulent seafood. The most commonly found King prawns have a sweet, rich flavour. They have moist flesh, making them perfect for a cocktail dish with dipping sauces.

Tiger prawns are a delicious variety with a medium flavour profile. They are often added to soups or paired with aioli. These prawn species taste great either battered, crumbed, or used in tempura dishes. They are commonly combined with other local ingredients for paellas, casseroles, and laksas.

  1. The Sydney rock oyster

 It is the crowning culinary jewel of the Australian coast. Though its taste varies by the habitat, the Sydney rock oyster has a rich and lasting sweetness that distinguishes it from other oyster varieties. They can be relished raw, roasted, or shallow-fried in a light batter suited for seasonal or regional nuances.

Sitting in one of the waterfront Manly restaurants, overlooking the wharf and enjoying the oysters on a pleasant day is a day well spent. These oysters pair well with bacon, fine wine and Worcestershire sauce. They bring out the brininess that complements the fatty richness of cured pork.

  1. Yellowfin tuna

It is a common fish used in sashimi and sushi. It is found in abundance in the Australian waters, making it one of Sydney’s most popular fish and among the best seafood in Australia. Like a steak, Yellowfin tuna has a mild, meaty taste. Its bright-red meat is firm, moist and flaky, making it a great choice to consume raw hence its abundant use in sushi.

    1. John Dory

John Dory is a popular fish variety suitable for an array of fish recipes. It has white, delicate flesh and is buttery to taste. Its flavour profile is a mild, slightly sweet flavour that compliments different regional herbs, spices, and preparations.

Whether someone is a local or a tourist, these varieties of seafood must be given a chance to enthral your tastebuds.