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Dirt bike riding is a fascinating sport full of tricks, sharp turns and great speed. As a beginner, you might be intimidated by the technicalities of dirt bike riding. 

However, dirt bike riding is not as complicated as it seems. Like every other sport, it has its technicalities, most of which you can master by following the right tips and techniques. This article highlights tips and techniques to help you ride your dirt bike like an expert. 

Five Tips to Help You Ride Your Dirt Bike Like a Pro

These are five tips to help you to level up from being a beginner to riding your dirt bike like a pro.

  • Wear Riding Gear: Your safety comes before anything else when you are riding a dirt bike. Before your first ride, you must ensure to get all the required riding gear. Your riding gear will protect you in case of a fall, saving you from scratches, injuries and even more serious health troubles. The riding gear that you need include a motocross helmet; to protect your head and neck during fall, riding jacket and pants; to give you comfort and protection, gloves; to provide friction while you ride as well as riding boots; to protect your feet and enable you to ride comfortably. 


  • Make Use of Your Knees: Your knees are essential for riding a dirt bike. This is because they help you to maintain your balance all through your twists and turns. Motocross pants usually have a grip pattern around the knee. This is to enable riders to grip the dirt bike with their knees while riding. Grip the area around the fuel tank of your dirt bike with your knees for better balance and control. By doing this, you can handle your bike better.


  • Stay Conscious of Your Surroundings: Just like driving a car or riding a regular bike, it is important to be aware of your surroundings while riding a dirt bike. Taking note of everything around you will keep you safe. When riding a dirt bike, you need to take note of the obstacles in front, by your side and the ones that are far ahead. This will help you to make quick decisions without trouble. You should also practice riding etiquette when you are aware of the presence of other riders. 


  • Distribute Your Weight Evenly: Dirt bikes are typically light, which is why you need to distribute your weight evenly when riding one. Sitting at the rear of the dirt bike might make it very difficult to control. Always use your knees to grip the bike instead of your arms. You will most likely end up with arm aches if you do it with your arms. Put your weight on the footpegs of the bike, rather than on your back. Always keep your elbows high and away from your body. This will ensure that you have more control over the bike, allowing you to make sharp turns. 


Most importantly, ensure to get the best KTM bikes as they will give you a great riding experience.

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