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As a small business owner, you need to boost the visibility of your business – by using video API, you can do just that! Video API lets you scale your business, improve functionality, and connect with clients – let’s see why YOU need to use video API to increase the ease of your new business endeavor. 

The main benefits of using video API for your business

Many new businesses are concerned about the best way they can market their business, connect with customers, and show others in the industry that they are a force to be reckoned with. Along with new marketing materials – such as marketing via text messages and social media – businesses are now using new methods to convert leads into sales. By using new technology, like video API, businesses have a higher chance of reaching their target market, connecting with customers, and using effective collaboration tools. 

How do APIs work? If businesses know how to properly use Vimeo API, they can use this new process to streamline the daily business process, improving daily productivity levels and coming up with new ways to increase functionality and ease of use within the industry. Using video API can lead to inspiration for new innovations, save money, and boost employee satisfaction levels.

But what is a video API? Simply put, video API is a type of technology that lets businesses and individuals access a certain server within the company that allows them to edit and control video projects without having to do the logistics that come along with it. Simply put, video API allows individuals to use the functional parts of video without having to spend time in the development or installation phase. 

  • Scalable – one of the main benefits of business using video API from SignalWire is that the technology can be specifically altered and scaled to their business model and size. By using video API, businesses can communicate with clients with video in real-time – this allows them a better chance of solving problems, in theory, dealing with customer queries, and increasing customer satisfaction levels. 
  • Simple servers – the next benefit of using video API for your business is that you can use a simple server to run video API. Forget the day of complicated servers that spend more time rebooting and fixing latches than they do working – instead, video API uses simple solutions. 
  • Unique IP address – the video API technology uses unique servers that contain a personalized IP address for a secure and fast internet connection! These specialized servers, called TURN servers, allow extra security, functionality, and speed for businesses.
  • Launch products quicker – another benefit of using video API is that new businesses and entrepreneurs can launch products faster than they were able or before. By using a video API, you can significantly reduce the installation and development time of new products and apps – allowing new business owners to make use of the pre-made features like live video streaming and collaboration tools. 


If you’re a new business owner or entrepreneur and you are debating whether to use video API, then the answer is yes! Using this new technology is a great way that you can boost customer satisfaction, improve scalability, and improve functionality in your business.