a Wet Bar

A true entertainer or a lovely host like you would want to ensure that everything is at its proper place for your guests, friends, and families. Since parties and social gatherings without cocktails are slightly unimaginable, you would want to have a wet bar in your house. But this requires a bit of space. Many homeowners struggle to figure out how to incorporate bars in their existing setup. Don’t worry if you also face the same creative block. Sometimes over-emphasis on the problem prevents you from seeing the solution that lies right in front of your eyes. So here are some suggestions to remove your stress.

Components of an ideal home bar

The kitchen and living room offer excellent scope for this arrangement because everyone mainly gathers around these places for socializing. Since preparing and serving drinks with snacks require adequate storage, you need a few features to make this experience enjoyable. A well-designed bar can seamlessly elevate your kitchen’s or living area’s aesthetic look. But you would need some basic things to achieve this. Your first step will be to decide between a wet bar and a dry bar. If you prefer convenience, install a wet-bar sink. It will remove your stress about making drinks and cleaning. Plus, it gives you a proper bar type of feeling. For this, you would want to explore plumbing possibilities, though.

Next is the wine rack. Keeping your prized wine collection in the open ensures easy accessibility and aesthetic touch, due to which a wine connoisseur laps up this idea immediately. You can find this with stock cabinetry, which offers flexible designs in vertical and horizontal configurations. Some people like to store all their beverages in one spot. For this, having proper refrigeration systems becomes necessary. Options include a wine fridge, beverage fridge, or a combination of both.  

When you plan for a home bar, you secretly wish that it enjoys everyone’s attention. If you achieve this, your wet bar will indeed become a matter of enthusiastic talk among your peers and everyone else. As glass doors exude sophisticated charm and luxe vibes, you don’t even need to think twice before giving this a try. Add cabinet lights inside them to increase the glamour further. Another consideration can be a wineglass holder that holds all tools and cocktail glasses for quick access. It looks pretty stylish also. 

Finally, you can never go wrong with under cabinet lighting that has both functional and aesthetic roles to play. You may ask why this when you already have lighting inside the cabinets. Well, that is mainly for accentuating the extravagance quotient. You need not be fixated on this as it will not matter if you do away with glass doors. But under cabinet lighting is task lighting. While it brightens up the space, this type of lighting helps you perform your task hassle-free.

All additions come at a cost. Hence, don’t get disheartened. You can set a budget and take a call on all the fixtures and fittings based on how much you are ready to stretch. With a few things also, you can make a huge impact. Let’s dig into some decoration or arrangement ideas quickly to understand different configurations and their contribution.

Various styles of wet bars in home

A shelf look

Suppose you create a wet bar in one tiny corner of your kitchen where you cannot add suitable cabinets. Do you have free wall space on that side? In that case, you can opt for a quirky modern-looking hanging shelf to expand storage. You can add a few decorative items with bottles to give it a more finished look.

A rolling ladder look

Does your home have high ceilings? Many people take advantage of this and build floor-to-ceiling cabinets, but you can make a difference by adding an elegant rolling ladder to this choice. You can choose the same color of the ladder as your cabinets. If you don’t get anything matching, you can wear your DIY hat and accomplish this.

A graphic backsplash look

It is easy to turn your wet bar into a beautiful visual with simple decoration hacks. For example, textures tend to be an integral part of interiors. You can introduce this element in a wet bar through a backsplash in a tiled design or simple marble look. Some homeowners choose marble for its traditional and sophisticated presence. No matter what you pick, the choice should be cohesive with your cabinets and the entire surroundings. If you install your wet bar in the dining or living space, you can think of this idea once. Do you worry about the cost? You can create this magic with something as simple as a marble-patterned peel-and-stick backsplash.

A wallpaper look

If you don’t mind going bold with your interior choices, you can add wallpaper to your wet bar area in the kitchen. This decorative feature can infuse an exotic rustic feel amid a humble bar sink and cabinetry. Get the floral print if it resonates with you because such designs offer an unmatched vintage vibe.

A wall art look

Okay, let’s forget about backsplash and wallpaper. You can make a splash with this single feature in your wet bar to give it an instant upscale hotel vibe. It will immediately become the focal point. But what is your opinion about a large size wall art?

Designing a wet bar will not be an issue if you get innovative. You only need to find the right spot for it and the correct elements for design success. Since the wet bar feels more convenient and attractive, this makes more sense. Still, you don’t need to limit your choices. If you don’t want to spend much, you can start with a dry bar and gradually transition to the wet bar. It is also a possibility. So don’t allow certain constraints to distract you from your goal. Include a bar in your house, and if you have basic structures ready, you can easily pick the wet bar style.

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