download video from website

There are multiple ways to save or download video from website. We will show you how to download recordings from various sites efficiently. We will consider the most direct method of downloading videos because finding all alternative approaches is not fundamental. Due to Facebook videos, the download interaction is some what unique compared to most video downloaders.

Use Video Downloader Professional

The proficient video downloader is an extension of the program, which allows us to download recordings from almost all non-commercial websites (such as Netflix, Prime recording, etc.). However, you cannot use this Extension on YouTube.

Phase 1: You can use this Extension on any Internet browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. In this way, open any Internet browser.

Phase 2: Now, go to the “Video Downloader Professional” page and click on one of the attached connections that depend on your program.

Chrome extension page

Firefox additional page

Microsoft Edge application page download video from website

Phase 3: Install the Extension according to your program:

Firefox: Find the blue + Add to Firefox catch and snap-on. From this point on, click the blue “Add” button when prompted, and then click “OK” to capture.

Chrome: Find the blue + Add to Chrome, then click, and then click Add enhancement when prompted.

Microsoft Edge: Find the program storage area and hang it tight to open it. At that time, click the blue “Grab and Sit Down” to introduce the application, and then click “Start.”

Phase 4: On Microsoft Edge, enable Video Downloader Professional. If you are using other programs, you can skip this progress.

To authorize the downloader, click in the upper right corner of the window.

Currently, click Extension in the drop-down menu.

At this point, click on the skilled Video Downloader.

Press the “off” switch at the bottom of the menu.

On the window that is prompted, click Open.

Stage 5: Open the site that needs to download the video.

Stage 6: Click the “Play” button of the video to play the video. When playing the video, the VDP symbol will turn into a green bolt.

 7: Find the download name that records the maximum file size on the green “download” button in the drop-down menu.

Stage 8: Click the download button. It is displayed on the side of the video you need to download. It prompts for video download. Finally, click Save to your program.

Download videos using online downloaders

Stage 1: Go to the website to download the video, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

Phase 2: Go to the location bar at the highest point of the program, and then select and copy the video’s location.

Stage 3: To copy the location, press Ctrl + C on Windows operating system and Command + C on MacOS.

4: You can use many online download sites to download the necessary recordings. Here, we use the convert2mp3 website. It can convert videos to MP3, but it can also convert site recordings into downloadable MP4 files.

Stage 5: Now, go to the center of the page and align the video connection text field.

6: Paste the video link you have copied.

Stage 7: On the right side of the recording, you can see the mp3 box. Grab it, and a drop-down menu will be displayed.

Stage 8: Select mp4 from the drop-down list download video from website

PHASE 9: After that, select the necessary quality from the summary. However, the rate should not exceed the most extreme limits.

Stage 10: On the right side of the record design selection, click on the converted video. If it is unlikely to fail to recover, it means that the site is under maintenance. Try the equivalent operation after 24 hours.

Stage 11: Click the download button to start downloading the selected MP4 file to the PC. According to your program, a short prompt will be displayed on the screen. At this time, click “Save.”

Use screen recorder on Windows

Stage 1: If you need to download blocked videos from the site, you can use any screen recorder application at this time. However, the application has a drawback. It brings uneven video and low sound. Likewise, if you have the opportunity to become a support member of these sites, this may be the ideal choice.

Phase 2: Open the program, and then go to, and then click “Download Installer” to introduce the installer of OBS (Open Broadcast Software).

Stage 3: After the download is complete, double-click OBS Studio to schedule the recording.

 4: Click Next→I agree on→Next→Uncheck the module box→Install.

Stage 5: After the fruitful establishment, click the “Finish” button when inspiring.

Phase 6: Now, open OBS from the “Start” menu.

Stage 7: When OBS opens, a brief description will be displayed, which contains basic settings, and then click OK.

 8: To complete the arrangement wizard, click “Yes” in the “Automatic Configuration Wizard” window.

Stage 9: Check “Only simplify the recording process,”→”Next,”→”Next,”→”Apply Settings.”

The most effective way to download videos from websites

Stage 10: Now, in the OBS window, click the + symbol under the “Source” heading.

PHASE 11: Click “Display Capture” or “Game Capture,” then click “OK.”

Stage 12: After that, open the settings window by clicking the “Settings” button in the OBS window’s lower right corner.

Stage 13: Click the yield tab in the left half of the window, and select “Recording design” from the drop-down box.

PHASE 14: Now, click on the “Video” tab in the left half of the window and select the video’s output target.

Stage 15: Click the “Audio” tab to enable the sound chronicle.

PHASE 16: Now, by clicking the “Hotkey” tab, the necessary fusion of screen recording is performed.

Stage 17: Click “Apply” and then click “OK.”

Phase 18: Go to the program and open the website from the site that needs to download any guaranteed video.

Stage 19: Play the video in full-screen mode and turn up the volume.

20 STAGE: Press the screen recording hotkey to start recording with OBS.

Stage 21: After the video is played, stop playing, and then go to the recording area where MP4 files are saved.

Watching videos is a popular distraction on the Internet. Everyone has a favorite place to watch videos, Youtube, MegaVideo, MetaCafe, Daily Motion, Veoh, Vimeo, and preferences, but if your internet connection is slow, watching videos in different destinations may be a problem.

Isn’t it extraordinary to download these records at that point to see if they are as undisturbed as when you made a full movie? At the end of the week, have a long-distance video race to help you reduce stress, or join the race in groups.

There is no underlying download content on this page, but there is no difference because we hardly thought of downloading many online recordings at every possible stage.


The detail is an online video downloader. Almost the same as KeepVid, you need to paste the video’s page address into the information (URL) field on the website and press the download button. Choose the arrangement you need and start downloading.

You can also make the snapshot download by placing before any URL of the page video you want to download. Also, it has bookmarks for opportunities you want to click instead of typing.

Download through program expansion/plug-in:

Many programming devices can help you download recordings quickly. Since we have many downloaders for significant browsers, there is no incentive to change programs to take advantage of these programs.

2. Helper is an online device and program extension that can help individuals download recordings from different destinations. After introducing this Extension into the program, you only need to open the video page and press the extension button (located near the program’s upper right corner).

It will open another page where the video download connection adopts a different configuration. It can be accessed on the web and Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

3. YouTube5

(Safari) YouTube5 is a downloader for the Safari program. It can change the default YouTube player and upgrade the video experience by providing some cool features (such as volume control buttons, the ability to switch targets in the player, and download recordings).

and many more

You can download the video by clicking the necessary video target that appears in the player.

4. Video download video from website

(Firefox) DownloadHelper is an add-on program for Firefox, which allows you to download recordings and pictures from many areas (including YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion, etc.). You can also change the downloaded recordings to your favorite organization.

When DownloadHelper thinks that there is downloadable content on the website, its symbol will be activated. You can click on the logo and select the appropriate alternative from the menu.

5. Simple YouTube video downloader

(Firefox) Easy YouTube Video Downloader is another Firefox plug-in, which focuses less on downloading YouTube recordings. Its symbol is located below the YouTube video, which shows a menu with accessible (downloadable) video designs. Choose the one you need, and the download will start.

Hack the browser to download video from website

Each page contains code that you can’t see unless you are browsing in the background, and any video you watch is transmitted from a specific source. You can find the source interface from within the code by chance, and you may reach the download connection.

The YouTube recording clearly illustrates how this method works. Downloading recordings from YouTube is a well-known request, and many devices can do this (with a high fee), so you may be surprised to find that you can download any video from YouTube as long as the program cracks it. You can also download the entire YouTube playlist.

Compared to a laptop computer, the workspace Internet browser uniquely loads YouTube records, so the idea here is to suggest that your workspace program requires you to request videos like you would on a mobile phone. When your program stacks pages, it is evident that a particular download interface is obvious, only when you display the page’s source code.

Open Firefox and go to about: config. Treat it like a URL, so enter it into the routing area at the program’s highest point.

Right-click on the free space and go to New>String.

Name it general.UserAgent.override, and put this code here:

Open another tab and find the YouTube video you need to download.

Start playing the video, and then play for a while. If there is a chance for promotion, let it be done first.

Right-click on the video and select “Inspect Element.”

In the new window that opens, find <div id = “player” and click the bolt to one side to extend it, then do the same with <div id = “movie_player” under it, and then execute <div class = “Html5-video compartment”.

Below the long URL after src=”. Double-click to view the full URL, right-click it, and select “Copy.”

Open another tab in Firefox (or any program) and type it into the routing bar.

Right-click the video in this tab and select “Save Video As.”

Download videoplayback.mp4 to your PC to save the YouTube video. You can rename it when needed.

Return to the tab with client expert settings, right-click the new string created, and select “Reset” to restore Firefox to workspace mode.

This is another mode where CNN climate video does not have a download interface on the surface. Still, by chance, when you convert Firefox to the general way and restore the page, the source shows an essential MP4 download connection.