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Dream 11 is played with the knowledge and expertise that you have in your sport of choice. You can choose your own team of eleven performers from a list of real-life sports stars.

Build your team on a budget of maximum 100 credits. Each player has their own individual cost based on their potential performance which directly impacts the points that your dream eleven will earn every time they play in a real-life match. Now, as an eSports expert it’s time to prove yourself and go for victory!


1.Choose a match:

Select matches from the latest cricket series. Where you can watch your favorite players in action for the next month.

2.Create your team:

If you’re an avid football (soccer) fan, use your sports knowledge and your role playing skills to give it a shot at managing an elite team on a budget of 100 games.

Choose your own tactics, line up your team, communicate with teammates and make smart tactical decisions as you attempt to go all the way in this tournament. Earn awards and rewards if you score well!

3.Join the competition:

Everyone likes to show off that they are a good player when it comes down to prediction contests such as playing Dream 11 or participating in Open or skill competitions.

However, there is plenty of fun to be had in any type of contest and those who like to use the Dream 11 site for something else other than just prediction will find themselves having a great time without ever showing off how good their prediction skills are!

For example, you might decide to take part in one of the affiliate contests and have fun trying out your skills against others.

Follow the competition:

Track the Fantasy Tennis Match to see the real tennis action (updated every 2 minutes)

Withdraw your benefits:

Make sure you keep the winnings from your Dream11 account safe and sound by withdrawing it straight to your bank account (a single-time check up is required)


Dream11 Fantasy is an online mobile game that lets you predict how well a player will perform in a live match, regardless of whether they’re playing at home or away.

The game is available on Android and Apple App Store. Along with various mind-blowing features, Dream11 manages to do so much more by creating what can only be referred to as a truly engaging gaming experience!

Dream 11 is a game of skill and chance: The game of cricket has always been subject to the unpredictable whims of Lady Luck and even the best batsman has his day only because the lady fancies him.

Be it Glenn McGrath’s fast, accurate feet or Adam Gilchrist’s lightning-quick reflexes, they all got their due because they happened to be in the right place at the right time when lady luck favoured them. The same can be said about Dream11 too.

We at fantasycricket are working on improving your odds by adding more features and options in creating your dream team for the future games for an overall great experience.

Participants must select one of six teams – whether this be a professional sports team or any other team (world-renowned or random).

The team members are made up entirely of some kind of make-believe sportsmen and women (such as elves or trolls) and everyone is required to take part in an office tournament that occurs over 3 weeks. Finalist teams compete with all their might before being crowned the “Oathball champion” at the end.

All competitions are held for at least the duration of the entire game.

As you participate in Dream11, one thing that you must make sure to do is to only add players to your team as soon as you are one hundred percent positive that they will be playing.

An alternate way of doing this means using the Minutes on field (MoF) metric and make sure the player has been involved in at least 60% of their game minutes before adding them to your Dream 11 team.

In order to win a lot of times in a row, you do not have to play strategically. You can win lakhs or even crores just by being strategic.

If you are strategic and smart, you don’t have to worry about winning a ton of times because this is something that would happen naturally as long as you’re strategic and smart enough!

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What is the Dream11 App?

Dream11 is India’s biggest fantasy sports app. It has more than 12 crore users in India. Picture this: More Indians than have ever voted in an election playing games that are so engaging they will spend hours chatting with friends while they play and they manage to make money too!

That’s the kind of traction this app has been able to achieve over the years, making it India’s most loved fantasy sports platform with a fan following that includes celebrities and popular personalities like MSD himself!

Download MPL Pro App now, get started by selecting your favourite players or enter contests set up by experts with tips and advice on who to pick in certain situations, score points daily and redeem them for real cash. It’s as simple as that! Get started today!

Dream11 App Download

Dream11 is an unusual take on sports betting. One special thing about it is that it isn’t available in the Apple App Store because of technically challenging aspects regarding how they deal with creating these gaming apps which conflict with the current policies online and while creating contests via any sort of designated cash pools. But don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered- just head over to their website, download their APK version, and get started from there!

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