Driving Game Collection

With all of the options you have for finding web games to play online, you can be excused for looking over the king of car games. – Driving Game Collection

If you’re looking for web games that feature vehicles in any way, then you need to check out Drifted.com. This website has a carefully curated collection of games which feature cars or other types of vehicles in their gameplay. 

This collection is broken down into categories, one of which is driving games. If you’re looking for a web game about driving, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here’s a brief overview of the kinds of games you can find in the Driving Games section at Drifted, all of which are worth your time.

Stunt Driving Games- Driving Game Collection

If you’re looking for driving games that have plenty of opportunities to pull off incredible stunts, then Drifted has you covered. 

The Madalin Stunt Cars series are some of the best stunt games on the internet, with awesome graphics, engaging gameplay mechanics, and plenty of awesome cars for you to drive. Each game only has three maps, but those maps are huge and have plenty to do in them. 

Falco Stunt is another awesome stunt driving game. In an open world full of obstacles and opportunities, you will select a car and take it to the road, pulling any stunts you can and getting creative.

Drift Driving Games

If you have an affinity for traveling sideways at high speed, this next subcategory is for you. Lambo Drifter is a drift driving game that exclusively features Lamborghinis on tracks custom-made for drifting. Tight controls and awesome graphics make this game stand out. 

Supra Drift 2 is another drift driving game, and this one has a few tricks up its sleeve. It is a classic drifting game with simple graphics, but it has the ability to slow down time for some really cinematic drifting. It looks and feels really cool to play. 

Arcade Driving Games

The games in this last part of the list are made for chasing scores in short bursts and are extremely fun while increasing the challenge over time. Furious Racing 3D is one of those games. 

In it, you will hop into your favorite supercars and weave in and out of traffic to earn points. The longer you last, the fast your car will get, and the more complicated the traffic patterns will become. You’re also being chased by a cop, which adds another layer of stress to the proceedings.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is another silly arcade driving game. This one puts you behind the wheel of a vehicle that can barely follow the laws of physics. As you flip over forwards and backward, you will do your best to make it through each level while collecting coins to raise your points. 

Arcade Car Drift is yet another game that you won’t want to miss. It is a simple drifting game with an endearing presentation and addicting mechanics. You could spend hours playing this one and not even notice.

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