How to choose a smartphone by parameters? It is relatively difficult today due to the amenities and features it offers. When choosing, we take into account the technical parameters of the phone, operating system, design, performance and determine the use of a mobile phone or price category.

How to choose a smartphone by parameters? 

Battery (endurance)

The battery allows the phone to operate without an AC adapter, making it a portable device. Your phone has advanced batteries that require technical skill or service to replace them later.


When choosing a battery, the main factor to consider is its capacity. Again, the rule is: the higher the number, the higher the capacity. The standard capacity ranges from 3020 mAh to 4820 mAh with a lifetime of up to one day of use.

Long life HONOR 50 Lite smartphone provides a good battery backup to its users. Other factors also depend on the choice of battery, as well as energy savings, which extends the life of the phone.

Charging speed

Fast charging is already becoming a common supported part of phones. The marking and name of the technology often differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Quick Charge is the most common, but also Dash Charge, Pump Express or Rapid Charge. New for 2018 is Fast Charge 4+, powerful and gentle at the same time. Wireless charging has long been a reality with new supported phone models.

Connections and sensors

LTE/4G or 5G

High-speed Internet support should come naturally to your phone when using search, surf the web or social networks. Most of the coverage already has 4G support. 5G network support is already becoming a real part.


A wireless technology that allows you to connect to the Internet in various locations with Wi-Fi signal range. Most phones already take this feature for granted.


Communication with other devices (wireless speakers, headphones, file transfer between 2 devices). Also an obvious feature that takes into account the height of the board to achieve the maximum data transfer rate.


Modern technologies that ensure the transfer of information and data, which are used mainly for payment purposes as payment cards. In our offer you will also find NFC-enabled smartphones.


A navigation system that will help you get to your desired destination or also help you navigate in unfamiliar places. Usually, an Internet connection is required to determine your current location.


Sensors that track the movement and position of a mobile phone. They also act as a mobile spirit level.


Provides an approximate determination of the cardinal directions by the Earth’s magnetic field.

Proximity sensor

Smartphone sensor that locks the screen during a call to avoid accidentally touching it or turning off the call.



The most commonly used mobile phone connectors are:

  • Micro USB – Cheaper versions of Android phones still use the Micro USB connector.
  • USB-C – new smartphones are focused on this type of connector due to its features.
  • Lightning is an exclusive connector used on Apple iPhone smartphones


How to choose a smartphone by parameters? Emphasis on function

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence as an aid provides the smartphone with a number of features and enhancements that improve and facilitate its use.

Assistant AI

The virtual assistant lets you control your device with your voice, manage basic tasks, or help you answer questions.

Retinal or facial fingerprint reader

Security features that provide maximum protection for your smartphone from data misuse. You can find the fingerprint scanner located on the back, on the side, or on the display of the smartphone. Some smartphones also have a face unlock feature.

FM radio

Allows you to play your favorite radio stations anywhere with a radio receiver.

Two SIM cards

A mobile phone with dual SIM support, which allows you to use two operators on one smartphone. One card can be used for phone calls and the other for Internet use.

Increased durability

Each smartphone usually has a level of durability that meets certain standards of protection against breakage or leakage.


If you want to choose a smartphone by looking at its features. This guide will help you make a right decision.

By Swati