Eating cannabis

When we talk about eating Cannabis, very often we think of becoming stoned or high. But have you heard of edibles before? Edibles in which cannabis, hemp or cannabidiol is processed are becoming increasingly popular. More and more products are made from cannabis or hemp. It is becoming increasingly known that the substances present in cannabis have a positive effect on your body and mind. CBD is one of the many healthy beneficial substances present in hemp or cannabis and they do not contain the psychoactive substance THC, which means that these edibles do not get you high or stoned. So your mom would approve of them, too.

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It is rumored that CBD products can relieve the effects of ADHD, rheumatism and, for example, joint pain. That’s why cannabidol foods are becoming more popular, and we will introduce you to a few forms in which you can get your body some CBD.

1. Brownies

Who does not love chocolate? For a sweet treat, a CBD Brownie always does the work. Combining two lovely elements together results in a Dutch Hash, Lemon Blaze, O.G. Kush or an Amnesia Haze brownie. By the different names of these you can already know that there is different kinds of cannabis and thus flavours. 

2. CBD Candies

There are also lots of different CBD candies. These take the form of lollipops, gummy bears, little gelatine cubes, bon bons and cotton candies. Basically, everything that is deemed unhealthy with a healthy element – the CBD!

3. Eating Cannabis chewing gum

This is not just regular chewing gum; this chewing gum contains CBD oil and that has health benefits. Because it contains CBD (17 mg), you immediately benefit from the benefits of this cannabinoid. Experience the soothing effect if you suffer from stress. But CBD can also have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. This is useful if you suffer from headaches, muscle pain or joint pain. This is an easy to-go snack if you’re on the way.

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