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The industry for contract workers or contingent workers has been on a rise in recent times. While this concept of hiring workers on an hourly basis or for the accomplishment of a particular project is convenient and comes with advantages such as the ability to scale resources, access to niche skills, meeting seasonal demand and reducing the cost for business owners, full benefits of the contract workforce cannot be achieved without effective management. Unlike traditional workers, lack of transparency around the workers, costly recruitment processes and difficulty in keeping track of data such as the number of hours contributed are some of the reasons why companies still hesitate to employ contract workers. 

What are the challenges?

One of the greatest selling points for a contingent workforce is the flexibility that they can afford. However, it is the fluid nature of the workforce that creates its greatest challenge. These workers are employed in a variety of ways, and HR teams will have to monitor numerous workers in a variety of sectors, job roles and locations. Managing and keeping track of information on a workforce that they don’t have complete oversight of is going to be a time-consuming and complicated task. Add the differing work arrangements of these workers to the mix, engaging with each sector of your contract workforce will vary significantly.

Ensuring that this segment of your workforce is employed compliantly is another key challenge. Let’s say, if an individual doesn’t hold the specific job certification or is not managed in a compliant manner, chances are that the risk will be passed down through the supply chain to the end client.

What lies ahead?

While there may be a number of roadblocks when it comes to managing your contingent workforce, the obvious fact is that it is a necessity. With the gig economy growing exponentially and more people wanting to work in a flexible way, if your organization lacks an efficient contract workforce management program, then it is likely that your competitive talent pool will shrink in the future. So rather than hesitating to employ contract workers, you just have to ensure that the recruiting management process of these workers is done in the right way.

Of course, this segment of the workforce can be managed in-house, but it will require the help of expert resources with knowledge of workforce management and compliant employment practices along with real-time data access into the company’s contingent supply chain. Assigning your already over-stretched HR teams with this task just isn’t feasible. In that case, you will have to rely on software that will do the job for you.

Engaging a digitally managed service provider like Ramco systems is the right choice for effective contract workforce management. With our expert knowledge and experience in workforce management and compliance, we can provide you with the best contract workforce management solutions that can tackle all the issues of your organization. Using cloud-based software, you can store every important information related to your employee and keep track of their activity or performance. HR managers can analyze these data and form custom performance reports using the software. Ramco payroll services will ensure that these workers who usually work remotely are paid proper salaries on time based on their attendance marked on the system.

If you are still confused, we provide you with four reasons why you should rely on contract workforce management software:

  • Manpower planning. With access to real-time data from the software, you can employ the right number of people who fit the right kind of job roles at the right time.
  • Accurate information. You get access to 100% accurate information about your contingent workers on the software.
  • Paperless record keeping. This will eliminate manual errors and make sure everything is in compliance with government regulations.
  • Streamlines payment. Paying your contract workers who work remotely won’t be a problem now as the software will facilitate the payments for you.

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