Medicine and Beauty: A Hand-in-Glove Relationship

Beauty techniques have, since time immemorial, had a sort of symbiotic relationship to the latest medical practices. Hormones can change a person’s experience, as can certain medical procedures. As soon as this reality was discovered, people started to apply associated techniques to personal beatification.

Today, some techniques are going to work better than others, so if you’re going to find those that best fit your situation, it may mean doing a little research. This writing is going to focus on three modern ways you can maximize personal beauty. There are certainly many others, but these three are some of the most notable presently.

Modern Diet and Exercise Best Practices

One thing modern medicine has discovered is that many issues people deal with in terms of health have to do with health habits. Diet and exercise can do much to help you be as healthy as you’d like to be. Sometimes you’ve got to take extreme measures, though, and that may require a modern health practitioner who specializes in the latest dieting trends, like “keto”.

A ketogenic diet prompts the body to go into ketosis, where it begins to “eat up”, as it were, your “fat” reserves. Triggering ketosis requires getting off sugar completely for several days, and staying off it as best you can. Mastering ketosis is a great way to help you be at your most beautiful naturally.

Ketosis doesn’t require you to work out in a way that’s harder on you than something your body can stand. Additionally, it helps “recalibrate” how your body works so your cravings are for more healthy things. Accordingly, your “gains” stick around longer.

The Cosmetic Approach

Plastic surgery involves surgical techniques designed to change a person’s appearance. Advances in plastic surgery are such that people can almost draw their ideal appearance on a canvas, and achieve it through the right cosmetic clinic. That said, for many who are considering this approach, what makes the most sense is starting out slow.

Instead of a facelift, changing the shape of your visage, maybe augmenting your hairline, and exploring varying options in skin dye, you might start off with something straightforward like rhinoplasty (nose reshaping). When you feel you can trust a particular plastic surgeon, and you know what’s involved in a procedure, you’ll be able to get more “in-depth” work done.


Microblading is fascinating, and can do much to give you the perfect eyebrows. It works like this: a surgical implement with very tiny blades that don’t pierce the skin, but do scratch it a little while depositing a certain amount of ink, help cosmetic professionals give those who need them the perfect eyebrows.

This is a superior option to traditional tattoos. Tattoos have a level of permanence microblading does not. Ultimately, you end up with something that has a level of customization to it that can be perfected through several procedures. To learn more, check out this option for microblading in North Miami Beach.

Determining Which Options are Best for You

Natural options are definitely worth pursuing, but these aren’t always going to correct the issues you’re contending with. No amount of ketosis will fix a cleft palate, for example. That’s going to require rhinoplasty. Also, sometimes options like microblading are the only ones that will provide you with the sort of eyebrows you want.

Technology and data, as well as old-school techniques, have combined to make modern beauty options some of the most sophisticated, effective, and desirable in all of human history. If you’re seeking enhancement, there are options.