Employees Provident Fund is one of the savings platforms for most Indian employees who work with different private or public organizations. Every employed individual is eligible to become a member of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) through registration in their online portal. Once you become a member, you can start making monthly contributions until the time you retire or decide to opt out. The main reason behind the introduction of EPF UAN Login is to make employed citizens save part of their salary which they can then use once they are rendered jobless. Both the employer and employees will be required to contribute 12% of their monthly salary which is then saved in a contribution account.

The Employment Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) provides quite a number of services to employees and employers. These services can be easily accessed from the comfort of your house at any particular time of the day. All you need to have is an internet connection and a device that can make it easy for you to use the internet. With these in place, you can simply visit EPFO’s online portal and get any service that you wish. Some of the services offered by EPF under EPFO are explained below:

EPF India Services for Employees

Account Transfer Claim Portal

EPFO has just launched a new service that makes it easy for employees to transfer their PF account by simply visiting the EPFO Portal. You no longer have to follow long tedious processes when transferring your PF account since this new service is transparent, efficient and hassle free. Some of the services that can be performed from the Account Transfer Claim Portal include:

  • Transferring your PF account
  • Checking the eligibility for transferring your PF account.
  • Help on how to use PF account transfer.

Online Passbook

 All employees who are members of the EPFO can be able to have a look at their EPF account statement online by simply using the e-Passbook. Through this online passbook, you can view your EPF balance together with the status at any time. In order for you to use the e-Passbook service, you must first submit the required details including your mobile number, PAN number, Aadhaar Card Number and Bank Account Number. Other details include Passport Number, ID Number, Ration Card Number and Passport Number. Any employee who has these details can log into the EPFO Portal and access the online passbook.

Balance Enquiry and Claim

 All employees who are registered with the EPF can be able to know the status of their claim together with their PF account balance by simply visiting the EPFO portal. For this service to be successfully accessed, you will have to submit personal details such as full name and a registered mobile phone number. Your mobile number will be put down together with the PF account number hence you should provide a valid mobile number. Once you have uploaded all the details required, you will receive your PF account details as a short message (SMS) which will be sent to your registered mobile phone number.

EPF India Services for Employers

 Employers who are registered members of EPFO can also get access to quite a number of services just like employees. All these services can be accessed from the online portal without having to break a sweat. Some of the services offered to employees by EPFO include transfer of accounts, establishment search and Challan submission.

Account Transfer

 Employers can also transfer their PF accounts using the EPFO portal using the same procedure followed by employees. Furthermore, you will be able to check the eligibility for transferring a PF account together with instructions on how to use the PF account.

 Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR)

All employers in India whether in the private or public sector will have to create an account with EPFO before they can use the Electronic Challan Cum Return service provided by EPFO. With this service you can electronically upload your return which will then be displayed as a digitally signed copy which is PDF format. You also have the option of printing the PDF if you want to use it in the near future. An employer will also be required to make payments which can be done online using the internet banking service provided by State Bank of India (SBI). If you are not interested in using internet banking service, you have the option of printing out the Challan PDF and making payments in any branch of State Bank of India. This option is however not convenient since you will be forced to move around instead of doing it from the comfort of your house. Through these services, EPFO has made it easy for employees and employer to use the Employers Provident Fund.

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