Ethereum Ropsten test 'almost' error free, two more test networks before merger

The Ropsten (Testnet) test network, also called the first Ethereum (ETH) dress rehearsal for the upcoming merger, which will combine the current Ethereum network with the Proof-of-Stake ( PoS ) Beacon Chain, has successfully completed testing.

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According to Ethereum Foundation developer Paritosh Jayanti, the Ropsten test network reached a total terminal count (TTD) of 500000000000000000 at around 16:00 UTC on Wednesday, after which the chain was merged.

The Ropsten test network reached TTD at approximately 16:00 UTC (~2 hours after the scheduled time, excellent accuracy for PoW standards!). Chain participation rate was ~99.2% with good bids and sync committee work – almost a perfect beacon chain to merge, easy to see what will break!

Initially the participation rate, a measure of how many reviewers are online and doing their work, dropped by about 13%. However, the developers quickly found the missing indices and helped fix the problems.

“Once the problems were fixed, the participation and supply rate quickly increased to around 99%,” said Jayanti . “That’s about what we had before the merger!”

According to the developer, Ropsten’s test network was “almost” error-free, noting some remaining problems. One problem was that “some client pairs were exceeding their block creation time and offering 0 transactions in them”, which was reducing the throughput of the chain. “We saw this with Shadow Forks too! Corrections are coming!” – he added.

Nevertheless, the developers will be monitoring the chain over the next few weeks to “make sure client pairs are not out of sync”.

After that, two more test networks are expected to merge before the main merger: Goerli and Sepolia.

Witek Radomski, co-founder and CTO of Enjin ( ENJ ), commented that “the completed merger of Ropsten Beacon and [Proof-of-Work ( PoW ) chains bodes well for the transition from Ethereum to [PoS]”, adding:

“As the only test network [PoW], the Ropsten merger follows the same process as the Ethereum core network merger, which will take place this summer. Interoperability as such remains unchanged, although success brings with it reduced latency and increased bandwidth to focus on free exchange. data between the chains.”

Dusan Kovacic, chief investment officer at Rockaway Blockchain Fund , said in an emailed commentary that this recent successful merger “will help set a rollout date for the core Ethereum network”, and as the date approaches “market demand for trading is likely to increase because speculators predicting price volatility correlates with profits.”

After the merger, Kovacic expects that the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio will make ETH “a fundamentally strong and now ESG (environmental, social and governance) compatible investment”:

“While user inflows may also increase, it is important to note that the merger will not increase Ethereum’s transaction performance, meaning that average transaction costs will not change.”

As of 10:54 a.m. Thursday, ETH was trading at $1,817, up 0.7% in the past 24 hours and down 0.6% for the week. It is down just over 19% in the past month. 

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