Why do we start smoking?

First; friends provoke us or call it offer up; provoking our that 1% of desire to smoke once in life time saying “Arey kr le yaar, sb krte hain. Kch nhi hota hai”… Masses will agree with this fact.

We to get convinced & inhale that first “Puff” of our life, but did you ever tried to think over that fact that is he/she your real friend; I mean true friend, asking you to inhale a slow death; In my POV a true one want ever ask you to do so. I guess.

Do you even have any idea how dangerous this Nicotine; present in cigarette is?

Nicotine the main component of cigarette is very addictive, which later leaves you in a state, that “Goddamn man; I need that shit”.Even much more addictive than alcohol.

We all get started in the same way “Ek baar try kr ke dekhte hain” & then its just the beginning of a goddamn long habit, actually damn doomed habit.

In the very beginning we all are goddamn confident that Nah! I’ll toh leave cigarette whenever I will feel like doing so.

But once we get started, we be like today’s day was awesome, let’s get a puff, today I’m sad, I want to smoke… I’m depressed I wanna smoke…

Later smoking isn’t just smoking, sometimes it even turns out as a sport with friends being like

“Tu ek baar kitna puff le skta hai”

“Tu kitne tricks kr skta hai smoke se” Blahh.. blahaahh..

And we keep pushing to prove ki ish mein toh main baap hun…

I remember, these are few friends of mine whom I gave the first cigarette of their life & now when I see them I wonder what they have turned themselves into… pure chainsmoker’s… slowly drifting to death; slowly & gradually…

You wanna compete? Good. But go and compete at a place where it’s worth. Where it’s wanted not somewhere where you won’t get anything but will lose for sure.

As if it wasn’t enough, the hookah kicked in; and oh! Man… tried hookah ever it’s like you are a looser. Hookah now has become a trend, a style. Parties, functions they all are just incomplete without hookah’s. Damn…

Youth now-a-days consider it goddamn cool to smoke & takes puff’s… they are like if they smoke they are ultimate cool… but is it? Is it really cool?

There’s depression, many types of stress, burden’s in our life and so we usually make a perception that if I smoke I’ll be able to release my tension or depression but does that really happen’s? No.

When you smoke Nicotine activates dopamine in your brain giving you feel of easy & comfort for very little period of time & as soon as it’s gone you are back to same situation. Then what?

“Din bhar muh main sutta daley rahoge”?

In long run after few years, when your body will start to degrade, when your physic will decline will tension, depression decrease or increase?

School & college students have got a trend to smoke & the biggest reason is “Friendzone” and other one being Bad Relation’s (Breakup’s)

Now-a-days, two things have trend out to be trend first one being Breakup’s & another one being falling for dark habits after breakup (i.e; smoking, drinking, drugs, etc)

The foremost reason is when a girl/boy goes through breakup he/she starts to drink/smoke in order to forget the prevailing pain that comes with pain of breakup’s.

It’s ironicall we see actor/actresses smoking in movies with warning “smoking is injurious to health” there we see & admire the smoking of actor/actress but doesn’t give a fuck to the warning written with it.

Teen’s are like “Wo actor/actress krta hai” I too can do that. Again every things comes to “cool lagega”.

Many people have this misconception that if we smoke sleep fades away, get’s energized, blah… blah…

But the reality is that the more you smoke the more your stamina & energy decreases. Laziness increases.

The dopamine definitely gives a kick start but its for very very short period of time & then we’re back to same position.

If I don’t smoke or drink; is isn’t because my parent’s have said me not to but because I know it’s harmful to me & my body. I’ll get addict and if happens so, I’ll be responsible for my doom.

The first, the very first which you try is the beginning of your doom, you get addicted to the habbit.

Don’t do that one, that very first first one & you’ll be the real cool one.



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