Los Angeles, also known as ‘LA’, is not only one of the most exciting and thrilling cities in the state of California, but one of the most coveted places to live in the entire country. So, whether you have already arranged to move to LA and are counting down the hours till your moving date, or are still in the planning stages, then you have come to the right place. Here is everything you must know about moving to Los Angeles from another state entirely.

Health & Fitness is of Top Priority

If you are someone who has always wanted to tone their body and lose some weight, then living in LA will certainly help you do so, both in a physical and emotional way. There is certainly no other city in California, perhaps in the entire United States, that is so utterly focused on body image and health and fitness. For most people, walking is the only form of transportation, which is taken up by celebrities and less fortunate people alike. The amount of walking you will do will inevitably increase as soon as you move to LA and this, coupled with being inspired by the thousands of fit and healthy people you will meet on the streets, will motivate you even further.

Choose Your Area Carefully

Los Angeles can be the most magical experience, yet as with other cities in California and beyond, certain areas are much less desirable to live in than others. When looking into the best places to live in los angeles, it would pay to check out not online reviews and blogs from other people who have moved to the area, but also to research facilities, tourist attractions, and even crime rates of each part. The most affordable and equally safer than other districts of LA are, in no order, Los Feliz, Porter Ranch, Encino, Studio City, and Playa Vista.  Areas that perhaps are not advisable to move to in the Los Angeles area, especially when you are coming from an entirely different state, include Compton, the City of Industry, Vermont Knolls, Chesterfield Square, and the notorious Skid Row.

The Weather Is That Amazing

You may well have heard in the past at least several tales of loved ones who have come back from Los Angeles with a surprisingly dark tan and tales of the weather being positively tropical. The good news is that the weather in LA is genuinely as hot and sunny as it is always portrayed to be in movies and the media in general. It would be pertinent to point out, however, that you must always protect yourself from the sunshine when you are outside, particularly if your work or a large part of your day involves being outdoors. Even though the skies in LA are usually clear, Los Angeles is still a city and as a result, the smog produced from the buildings and factories can often make it appear as if it is not as sunny as it is.  Furthermore, when planning your packing list and in the process of deciding what to take and what to leave behind, you should leave most of your thick coats, scarves, and sweaters at home, and make room for thinner clothes instead.

Finding a Job Can be Decidedly Tricky

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have already secured a job in LA before you move out there, but if you have not and instead plan to search for a new job once you land, then you should be prepared for a long wait. You may well be one of the lucky ones that are hired pretty much immediately after only handing your resume to a handful of companies, but unfortunately, it is far more likely that you will face more than a few rejections first. There are, however, plenty of things you can do to increase your chances of both finding a role within the industry in which you are most interested and quicker than other people. 

When it comes to your social media platforms and profiles, pay close attention to how you would come across to a potential employer, as most companies automatically search candidates’ profiles as part of the application process. What is more, you should be under no illusion that you can immediately enter the profession and even the industry upon which you are most focused. 

You should prepare yourself to start from the bottom of the professional hierarchical structure and work hard to prove yourself before being able to advance to the next level. In addition, you make also get used to networking professionally and remember that even if you do not feel confident, it is frankly vital to ‘fake it till you make it’; ironically the unofficial motto of LA itself.


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