A Perfect Shave

Most guys have shaved their faces at some point in their life, but how much do we know about shaving as a talent? Sure, anyone can slather on some cream and begin scraping the razor over his jawline with little knowledge of shaving, but is it correct? No, of course not. The majority of shaving cuts are caused by rushing, lack of expertise, or incorrect equipment. We thought we’d share a few tips that we wished our fathers taught us about shaving and A Perfect Shave.

#1 Always apply shaving foam for A Perfect Shave

Shaving Cream and Foam are the most popular choices for men, but some individuals do not use shaving cream or foam at all. While this may appear to save you time, it actually exposes your face to cuts and razor burn. A good shaving cream will not only keep your skin hydrated, but it will also add a thin layer of protection between you and the blade by lubricating the surface.

#2 Do not hold the disposable/Cartridge razor by its handle

Many guys who use disposable/”cartridge” razors for shaving hold them by their handle, resulting in painful cuts on their neck. This occurs as a result of individuals attempting to shave too quickly with them, causing the blades of cartridge razors to bend backwards and render them ineffective. Instead of grasping the handle with only one hand, hold it with both hands on each side of the razor head. This will give you more control over how your face is shaved.

#3 Use two hands when shaving

It’s important to use two hands when shaving any part of your face so that none of the hairs are left behind after you make a pass with the razor. All you have to do is hold a little bit of gel in your non-dominant hand and place it beside the top of your cheek, where you’ll begin your pass. (so if you were shaving your right side of face you would take some gel in your left hand and set it near hairline). While holding the blade in one hand, rest your strong hand on top of the weaker. Use slow clockwise motions with both hands at once as you begin.

#4 Shave in direction of hair growth

Shave against the grain unless there are ingrown hairs, because if you shave against the hair growth, not only will this cause razor burn but also it will be highly unpleasant. You may figure out where your hair grows by examining a section of area without using a blade, and then using a single blade to see which way it drifts across an area in order to determine the direction. If you’re unsure what “with the grain” or “against the grain” means, pay attention to the sound your razor makes as you glide it over your skin.

#5 Rinse your blade often for A Perfect Shave

When shaving, rinse your disposable/cartridge razor under warm water frequently to prevent hair from clogging between the blades and causing cuts on your face/neck. This will also assist in keeping it sharper for longer by preventing rusting. It’s also a good idea to clean both sides of the blade with cleanser, as this will make it easier to check for missed spots on your face.

If you are in need of more tips about shaving, or want some advice on what shaver is right for you, then head over to expertshaving.com for more information.


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