Features of HP PAVILION Laptop

Features of HP PAVILION 17-AR050WM Laptop for travel and remote working

According to professionals, HP is considered one of the most durable devices. Professionals claimed that Features of HP PAVILION  laptop is one of the best manufacturers and makes solid devices that are long-lasting.

If you’re planning to buy a laptop for your work or business then you must keep HP pavilion 17-AR050WM in your mind. This is one of the most solid devices and must be suitable according to your needs.

But still, there are many specifications which are truly your choice and these specifications will make you able to choose whether this device is suitable or not?

So, we are here to explain the functions and Features of the HP PAVILION 17-AR050WM Laptop for travel and remote working. You can easily understand and make yourself clear about buying it or not.


The second thing to consider is the RAM of the laptop. RAM also plays a vital role in making your laptop useful and suitable for you. But unfortunately, some manufacturers ignore this specification and focus on the other specifications.

So, HP pavilion 17-AR050WM has a RAM of 8GB and it is considered as the DDR4 SDRAM. We named this RAM 2133.

When you are going to buy a laptop, you must be very concerned about RAM and it will be the very first thing to come to your mind when you are going to buy a laptop.

Hard drive

When you are using your laptop for work purposes, you need huge storage. So, after considering RAM storage must be very focused to choose the right laptop. There are two options of storage; one is SSD and the other one is hard disk drives.

HP Pavilion 17-AR050WM uses 1 TB of the hard disk drive. This storage is more than enough to impress a user and the best option for laptop uses for work purposes.

We can say that hard disk drives are comparatively slow but this is perfectly fine to use them and this laptop is the best option for your business or office work.

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We need a better display to work without making ourselves tired. Using bright screens or bright colors LED helps you able to work for hours without putting any strain on your eyesight. So, don’t ignore the screen size and screen resolutions.

This laptop has an impressive screen of 17.3-inches screen. This screen is considered as the biggest and comfortable for office working. The screen resolutions are 1920 x 1080 that is considered as the full-HD screen.

When you will use dim LCDs and small screens then it must put on a strain on your eyesight that is wrong. You need to be very conscious when you are buying one.


Then we come to the hardware. The keyboard plays a vital role in making you tired or not. If you have a comfortable keyboard then you will do your work without making yourself tired. So, choose a laptop with a soft keyboard to enjoy your work.

But in the case of HP pavilion 17-AR050WM, it comes along with an island-style keyboard and contains a numeric keypad. And this is considered the full-size keyboard.

This can be the best choice when you consider the keyboard your priority. And this one of the most comfortable keyboards and will surely enables you to work without and tiredness.


An example of how important your processor is that the importance of the engine in your car. Without a suitable and powerful processor, you are unable to get the complete output from your laptop.

HP Pavilion 17-AR050WM comes along with the Quad-core processor AMD A10-9620P APU. This processor is considered a suitable processor for a laptop that can be used for working purposes.Secondly you can also use it as a gaming laptop because HP Pavilion 17-AR050WM is also a great choice for gamers after Walmart gaming laptop.

As we know that, the processor plays an important role so you must choose the right one. This processor is more than enough for a working laptop.

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For office purpose or you can say that for working purpose, you need a device which has a powerful battery and that has an impressive battery timing. Because we are not able to charge our laptops wherever we go.

This laptop comes along with the 3 cell -41 WH Li-ion battery. You can say that this is not that impressive but yes! This is worth spending your money on.

So, considering this battery timing and performance, we titled this laptop as the worth spending device. You can easily spend on this device and professionals claimed that this is worth spending.

Audio must be focused

There are several meetings when you are doing your office tasks. So, to attend these meetings you need a powerful audio system or you can say that you must have a professional audio system. The audio system includes speakers and a mic.

There is the option of dual-speakers. That is more than enough to impress the user and will be very helpful to hear your client very clearly.

Don’t try to compromise on the audio system of your laptop especially when you are going to buy a laptop for work purposes. All you need is to hear your client or your boss very clearly and then execute their commands.

Wrap up

We discussed the most important Features of HP PAVILION 17-AR050WM Laptop for travel and remote working that must be considered before buying it. We recommend spending on this device because it is worth spending your money on.

Moreover, HP didn’t compromise on the looks. This is a smart laptop so you can carry it anywhere you want to be. And its battery timing is good for office workings.

In the end, we can say that you can easily spend your money on this laptop and enjoy your work without making yourself tired.

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