Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition affecting men of varying ages and health statuses based on numerous variables. It’s defined by the inability of a man to become erect or maintain an erection during sex. The man can also have a decreased desire for sex or a lowered libido.

When a man recognizes a problem, the primary recommendation is to reach out to a medical provider to rule out underlying health concerns and to pursue effective solutions. Some suggestions often offered include “medication, implants, vacuum pumps, and surgical procedures.”

As a rule, many men prefer to try natural remedies to improve symptomatology; here are the benefits you might anticipate. That isn’t implying that there’s a miracle dietary product that will cure or prevent the condition. Still, there have been claims indicating specific supplements and foods combined with behavioral changes can be beneficial.

Because the dysfunction is essentially related to the blood supply finding its way to the penis, one would presume that foods healthy for the vascular system would assist with symptoms associated with the condition. Plus, healthy foods are an added bonus to overall general wellness.

Are The Foods You Eat Beneficial In Reducing Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

While men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) want to find the most effective solution, many prefer to use the most natural remedies, those safest for their internal system and their physicality; the least invasive, the better.

First and foremost, a medical provider will need to be consulted at the first sign that there’s an issue in order to rule out underlying health concerns. The doctor will have recommendations for solutions to try for an effective outcome.

If you let the physician know your preference for natural remedies, the provider could offer some practical options for your diet. Claims indicate certain foods benefit the vascular system.

When the blood supply gets a boost, ED symptoms could be reduced. Consider these suggestions with your next trip to the market.

  • Beets and leafy greens

Vasodilators are responsible for expanding the blood vessels so the blood can readily flow within the body. Nitrates act as vasodilators. Beet juice and leafy greens are highly concentrated in nitrates.

Claims report that the prescription medications developed for ED use nitrates as their basis due to the noted “relaxing effect the compound has on the blood vessels supplying the penis.”

  • Dark chocolate

It’s been suggested in a study found in “Circulation journal” that circulation is improved via dark chocolate flavonoids. If your ED is related to a problem with circulation, this could be a tremendous breakthrough.

Naturally-occurring flavonoids assist with cell damage and toxin protection within the plant population. These antioxidants act similarly with humans, with the potential for “reducing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.” Each of these is a contributing variable for ED.

  • Pistachio

Men who consume pistachios regularly have been noted to experience improvements with sexual unwellness. Most issues included lack of sexual satisfaction, diminished desire, and ED.

The claims indicated that the potential benefit from the pistachios for erection difficulties was likely related to the protein within the nut, arginine, responsible for relaxing blood vessels. The common denominator in many cases is establishing good circulation benefiting overall sexual health.

  • Shellfish

Oysters, in particular, have a reputation for being an aphrodisiac when consumed. That’s primarily due to the exceptional amount of zinc. This mineral is an essential component of testosterone production. In some cases, erectile dysfunction is the result of lower testosterone levels.

A further claim indicates that raw shellfish generally consist of compounds that help stimulate sexual hormone release for both genders.


  • Watermelon

Is watermelon a natural version of Viagra? Claims suggest the fruit could impact ED compared to the drug with the potential for improving sexual desire. Click for foods deemed comparable to Viagra.

The rich supply of phytonutrients, also deemed antioxidants, have varied responsibilities, one of which is to help “relax the blood vessels supplying an erection.”

While only 8 percent of the watermelon contains a nutritional value, this little bit packs a powerful punch.

  • Ginseng (Panax)

Red ginseng or Panax ginseng is referred to as “herbal viagra.” The indication is that this ginseng was the subject of 2008 studies (seven of them) relating to erectile dysfunction, with the outcome showing “suggestive evidence for red ginseng’s effectiveness in erectile dysfunction treatment.”

Individuals with “metabolic syndrome and high blood lipids” see the greatest effect. The outward properties of the herb are as an anti-inflammatory, increases in blood flow, and lung function improvements – all traits capable of decreasing erectile dysfunction.

  • Pink grapefruit and tomato

Again phytonutrients assist in circulation issues which is good for sexual health, and lycopene is one of them. This can be found in fruits that are deep red in color, like pink grapefruit and tomatoes.

Claims suggest better absorption of the compound when blended with oil-rich foods like “olive oil or avocados in perhaps a salad.” Lycopene is an antioxidant that researchers are finding beneficial in fighting “prostate cancer and male infertility.”

Final Thought

The common denominator when looking at erectile dysfunction and eating a healthy diet to combat some of the symptoms associated with the condition is improving blood flow and circulation.

In many situations, the problem with not establishing an erection or being able to maintain one is the lack of blood flow to the penis. That means developing a better health plan for your vascular system.

A healthcare provider is ideally the first place to start when you recognize a definitive problem with your sexual wellness. The physician might want to prescribe medications or attempt more invasive techniques than what you have in mind.

When your preference is a more natural approach, make this known to the doctor. There can then be a natural approach to your care plan with more effective suggestions comparable to what’s been presented here with the goal of improving blood flow and circulation.

There might not be a miracle cure, but some of these methods mean to assist with the symptoms and minimize the possibility of getting the condition.

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