Undergarments (particularly brassieres), sleepwear, and light robes are all included in the category of apparel known as lingerie, typically worn by women. The term is frequently chosen to suggest that clothing is stylish, attractive, or both. Lingerie gives a classy or attractive look by tightening or exposing your body features.

Lightweight, silky, flexible, sheer, or ornamental materials like charmeuse, satin, chiffon, silk, Lycra, or (most commonly and traditionally) lace are used to make lingerie. These textiles can be created using synthetic fibres like polyester or nylon or natural fibres such as cotton or silk.


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  • Babydoll:

It is a short nightgown or nightie designed for ladies to wear at night. It is a more straightforward design and is frequently worn with pants. Babydolls often have thin straps, an imperial waist, and a loose fitting.

  • Basque:

It is the form of a tight-fitting blouse or jacket.

  • Bloomers:

Bloomers are loose-fitting undergarments that come to the knee or slightly above it. Bloomers were popular for many years in the early 20th century, but they are not as popular now.

  • Bodystocking:

It is a form of a bodysuit. These can be worn either over the belly or thighs or over the whole.

  • Brassiere:

It is often known as a bra, a form-fitting garment worn to elevate and protect a woman’s breasts.

  • Bustier:

It is a form of tightly fitted dress intended to accentuate the breast and slim the waist.

  • Camisole:

It covers the top of the body without sleeves. The “straps” on camisoles are often made of light fabrics.

  • Chemise:

It is a one-piece undergarment with a straight, sleeveless dress-like silhouette. Although it resembles a babydoll, the hips are more tightly fitting.

  • Corset:

It is a bodysuit that is used to help contour the torso. Usually, this look is accomplished by boning, either with bone or metal.

  • Garter:

It is a form of undergarments that holds stockings up.

  • Girdle:

It is to wear from the waist to the top of the thigh, although contemporary designs resemble a pair of tight sports shorts.

  • Hosiery:

Tight-fitting, stretchy clothing that covers the legs and feet.

Final Verdict:

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