Shopify is a platform that helps online stores sell their products. It’s been around since 2006 and has been used by over 350,000 stores. Shopify is easy to use and offers features such as inventory management, payment processing, shipping tracking, and analytics data to help the business owner understand how well the store is doing. Learning how to add products to Shopify will be helpful for any business owner to go online and start selling their products to a larger audience.

What are the Benefits of Shopify?

On Shopify, entrepreneurs can create their own online store, set up social media marketing campaigns, and build their brand in the digital world. Shopify is also great for those who want to sell products worldwide. Before learning how to add products to Shopify, know about its benefits.

Shopify offers a variety of benefits for both new and experienced entrepreneurs. These are:

  1. The main benefit is that its easy-to-use platform will help you get your business off the ground quickly so you can start making money sooner rather than later.
  2. You will also get a 30-day free trial that lets you get your business up and running quickly.
  3. You only pay for what you need.
  4. You will have access to top-notch customer support.
  5. Because Shopify is powered by WordPress, it’s also easy to customize your store, so it’s entirely unique for you and your brand.

How to Add Your Products to Shopify?

Once you have built an online store on Shopify, you are ready to go! With it, you can sell your products and services and reach a wider audience. This article will cover how to add your products to Shopify, create variations, customize your products, and add product tags. Learning how to add products to Shopify will help you build an inventory of your products and services. You will further be able to modify the information as and when needed according to the product/service availability.

The following content will help you know how to add products to Shopify so that you can start selling your products on the platform. Before adding a product, you need to decide on how the product will be displayed on the website. You can choose from different options like:

Category pages: these are your homepage pages where all of your products are shown with a photo, description, and price

Product pages: these are individual pages for each individual product where they have all the information about the product, including a photo, description, price, and more

Catalogs: these are lists of images of your products with no information about them

Setting the Product: Once you have an e-commerce website with a store, you can upload a product by selecting the “Products” tab in the navigation bar at the top of your dashboard and selecting “Add new.” It will open a page that allows you to decide which product category you want to add your product.

Once you’ve added your product type and clicked submit, Shopify will create a page where you can upload the product photo and price. Upon uploading the image, you can add text describing the item, a product tag, and a set of information about the product. After uploading your image, you can add other features, such as color options or variations.

Creating Tabs for Your Products: Next, you will need to create tabs for your products. This will allow customers to navigate to a specific product category. By clicking the “”Tabs”” button on your left-hand menu, you will be able to create tabs for your products. You can then click “”Add Tab”” and add the tab name and associated label.

Setting Payment Procedure: Now that you have added the product and listed it, it’s time to add the payment procedures. The different payment options you add will make it easy for users to use them according to their convenience for payment.

You can thus continue to add products under different categories, provide information, and tag for listing them online in Shopify.

How the Latest Shopify Feature Will Change the Way You Sell Online?

You do not need a computer coding pre-requisite to set up a shop with Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform. The latest Shopify feature called ”Best Sellers” will change how you sell in your store.

This new feature will show the top products in your store based on sales and reviews. It will also allow people to see what items are trending in their local area and which items have been featured on social media.

This new feature is designed to help you sell more products, as it helps customers find what they need. It further helps increase conversions by showing products featured in the news or social media.

Promoting the Products

Now that you have added products to Shopify, it is time to promote them to ensure it reaches a broader audience. The promotion of products is a crucial part of Shopify. This is an essential step to ensuring customers know about the added value in your product that sets you apart from your competition. The practical and result-oriented way to do this is through social media marketing and SEO, which will help you reach a wider audience.

To get started, plan the following:

  • The type of social media marketing you will be doing
  • Keywords your product might be searched for
  • SEO tactics to set yourself apart from competitors
  • The content you want to create
  • The channels in which you will post
  • The length of time you want your content to run
  • How often will you post
  • How much energy do you want to put into your social media marketing

Tips to Optimize your Store on Shopify

You have learned how to add products to Shopify and begin making money. But have you considered the ways through which you make money? Did you know that optimizing your store on Shopify shows excellent results? If not, the following tips will help you achieve results within a short time and build a greater presence:

  1. Optimize your product images
  2. Use social proof
  3. Build trust with your audience
  4. Offer excellent customer service
  5. Promote on social media


Shopify is an excellent platform for small and medium business owners to broaden their reach and earnings. Learning how to add products to Shopify and optimize it from time to time will help gain exposure and reach a wider audience from different countries. So, establish your product catalog today and start selling!

By Swati