halo vs non halo engagement rings

Diamond rings are worn as a symbol of commitment, purity and light.

In this new engagement world, there are some exciting changes. For example, you have the opportunity to decide whether you need an engagement ring with halo settings or without halo settings.

Now, you must be wondering about the Halo and non-halo settings in diamond rings.

Does adding these settings increase the price of the engagement ring? Which setting is better for your ring?

These are some common questions that will roam inside your mind while looking for a perfect engagement ring. In this article, we will be discussing Halo vs Non Halo engagement rings to help you find the best one.

Halo vs Non-Halo rings:- Definition

What is a Halo engagement ring?

Halo diamond rings have the setting of a row or multiple rows of encircling small diamonds, perfectly aligned around the centre stone.

These types of rings originated in the 1700s Georgian era. Halo rings are known for their ebbs and flow throughout the day.

However, the small diamonds in the halo settings can be of any shape, depending on the shape of the centre stone. Also, there can be a full carat size into the small diamonds, depending on the size of the centre stone.

It is one of the styling settings in the engagement rings.

It can also increase the price of your ring.

Types of halo diamond rings

Here are some different types of Halo wedding rings.

  • The classic Halo:- This Halo setting includes a single row of encircling small diamonds surrounding the centre stone.
  • Double Halo:- It features two rows of small diamonds surrounding the centre stone.
  • Double-edge Halo: These rings feature two layers of encircling small diamonds perfectly aligned around the centre stone. In this setting, one layer is facing upwards, and the second layer is on edge sideways, as we can see in the name itself.
  • Triple-edge Halo:- If we add another layer of small diamonds in a double-edge Halo ring, it will become a triple-edge diamond ring. In these rings, one layer of diamonds is facing upward, the second layer sideways, and the third layer is downwards.

What is a Non Halo diamond ring?

If we remove those layers of small diamonds surrounding the centre stone, it will become a diamond ring without Halo settings. The most common types of non Halo rings are solitaire, three-stone and bezel-set centre stone rings.

Halo vs Non Halo engagement rings: Which one is Better?

Here, we will show you the pros and cons of both types of rings to help you make the right decision.

Pros of Halo rings;

  • The Halo setting will make the centre stone of your ring look more extensive.
  • The Halo setting can add carat weight to your ring without raising the price sharply.
  • In these types of rings, small, round cut diamonds are placed in a pave and micropave style, making them more glamorous than other rings.
  • Diamond rings with Halo settings are beautifully modern rings with a stunning combination of precise technology, contemporary design and irreplaceable skills.

Pros of Non Halo rings;

  • These rings are timeless, will never age and will never lose their beauty, value and appeal.
  • The variety of Non Halo rings is limitless and enormous. They come up in the modern fabulousness of a cushion cut on a diamond band.
  • Non Halo rings’ round mentioned above brilliant is something far from rare.

Cons of Halo rings;

  • Due to the popularity of Halo rings, many women have these rings. In this case, personalising options will get challenging because your ring must be unique.
  • Many couples refuse to invest in Halo rings because they mention these rings look like glitter.

Cons of Non Halo rings;

  • A bigger diamond is always more expensive than small diamonds of the same size. So a non halo ring that is the same size, cut and carat weight as a halo ring will be more expensive.

Wrapping up


We hope the information outlined in the article will help you make the right choice between Halo and non Halo diamond rings. Your engagement is the most precious day of your life, so you need to decorate yourself with something unique and charming.

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