Health benefits of post natal physiotherapy in Singapore

Post natal physiotherapy is where a physiotherapist or health professional helps those who have just given birth to get back in the game quickly. While it might not be pretty, these professionals can help women to recover from their post-pregnancy activities such as sweat, light exercise and sex. A few of the many benefits of physiotherapy would include faster recovery time for future pregnancies as well as increased strength and endurance for everyday tasks.

Health benefits of post natal physiotherapy in Singapore

  1. Increased muscle power

The process of pregnancy and childbirth places great demands on the body. Due to this many mothers experience extreme muscle weakness and loss of endurance. The process of post natal physiotherapy in Singapore helps mothers improve the strength of the muscles in their abdomens, pelvic floors and other parts of the body that are commonly under strain during labor.

  1. Improved pelvic floor stability

After pregnancy women will often experience a weakened pelvic floor due to abdominal delivery. This is further exacerbated by the fact that women tend to be weaker after childbirth as compared to before it as muscles atrophy over time. The pelvic floor is especially important for women who desire future pregnancies as well as sexual satisfaction later in life.

  1. Increased confidence in everyday tasks

With a healthier body, women are often more confident and able to face the challenges of everyday life with ease. Physiotherapy helps improve the strength of muscles and joints in the body, making it easier for women to perform all sorts of daily activities including exercise as well as heavy lifting.

  1. Greater resistance towards weight gain

Post natal physiotherapy is especially valuable when it comes to reducing weight gain after childbirth. In addition to experiencing fatigue due to the intense load placed on muscles, many mothers will experience the great impact that hormonal changes have on appetite and food cravings after pregnancy.

  1. Faster recovery during subsequent pregnancies

As was mentioned before, muscles will atrophy after childbirth. However, with postnatal care, women can prevent this to some extent by strengthening the muscles before their next pregnancy. In addition to preventing muscle atrophy during the second pregnancy, women will be able to recover faster from childbirth in the second delivery as well. Given that labor tends to shorten and deliveries tend to be smoother for subsequent pregnancies, it is important for women to receive a little bit of help from their physiotherapists.

  1. Increased cardiovascular health

Physiotherapy can also be used to treat heart problems. The reality of the situation is that when a woman gives birth, she undergoes a huge amount of physical strain. This is especially true for women who undergo C-sections as compared to vaginal deliveries. While this is mostly unavoidable, it does place a great burden on the heart which has to pump blood with greater force and at higher speeds. With increasing age and family planning, hypertension is becoming more of an issue amongst Singaporeans so post natal care has increasingly gained importance in people’s lives.

Health benefits of post natal physiotherapy in Singapore


Post natal physiotherapy in Singapore can be a great way for new mothers to get back in the game fast. Many mothers experience the problem of quickly losing their endurance after childbirth, which is one reason why so many women find it difficult to get back into shape after having children.

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